How can I become a Nurse in New Zealand?

To be a Nurse one must have an altruistic approach towards others. A sense of compassion should drive you to study Nursing and later to justify yourself as a professional of the noblest profession of the World.

Today everyone seeks to enhance their education and subsequently their career as well. Pursuing a degree internationally by studying at one of the best educational destinations is one of the most sought after pathway to have a great career through internationally recognised qualification. New Zealand is one of the most preferred educational destinations by International Students prefer to have top-notch educational experience.

If you also desire to study internationally – study in New Zealand to take your career in ‘Nursing’ to another level, then here is all you need to know to how to become a Nurse in New Zealand and how to become Nurse there.

Nursing in New Zealand – Nursing in New Zealand is a registered profession which means that to function as a nurse in New Zealand, one needs to be registered with the Nursing Council New Zealand. There are three levels at which you can function as a Nurse in New Zealand:

  1. Enrolled Nurse
  2. Registered Nurse
  3. Nurse Practitioner

Note: By studying in New Zealand, one acquires mentioned levels starting from Enrolled Nurse of Nursing as their level of qualification increases to become a Nurse in New Zealand.


These Nurses practice under the supervision of Registered Nurses/Nurse Practitioners to deliver Health care education or Nursing care.

To become an Enrolled Nurse, you’ll need:

  1. Qualification Required – 18 months Diploma of Enrolled Nursing (Level 5 on the New Zealand Qualification Authority framework).
  2. To pass an assessment test by an approved provider of the Nursing Council’s Competencies for Enrolled Nurses.
  3. Pass an Exam meant for Enrolled Nurses particularly.


They use their knowledge and skills of judgement to assess the health needs and care needed by the patients and moreover, they also provide advice and support to people to manage their health. They are allowed to practice independently or in collaboration plus they also are required to direct and delegated Enrolled Nurses or Health Care Assistants.

To become a Registered Nurse, you need to have:

  1. Qualification Required – Bachelor Degree in Nursing Level-7 or Graduate Nursing qualification at Level 7 or Post-Graduate Qualification of Level-8 approved by the Nursing Council of New Zealand.
  2. A pass in an assessment of Nursing Council Competencies for Registered Nurses by an approved provider.
  3. A pass in an Examination for Registered Nurses set by the Nursing Council of New Zealand


Nurse practitioners have advanced education, clinical training and the demonstrated competence and legal authority to practise beyond the level of a registered nurse.

  1. Qualification Required – Master Degree of Level-9.

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