How much time does it take to get an Offer Letter from Canadian Institutions?

Canada has an international reputation in educational scenario. The educational institutions in Canada at tertiary level include higher education institutions, community colleges and universities. For grabbing admission in these institutions, there is a process to be followed by international students. The documentation requirement to study in Canada includes –

Academic qualification – The study abroad aspirants are required to have attained the senior secondary level of education to proceed with tertiary or graduate level education. The student should have appropriate documentary proofs of matriculation and senior secondary.
Language proficiency – To study in Canada, students are required to earn proficiency either in English or French since these two are the official languages of Canada. English, being an international language, is preferred by the students while French language adds the credibility to the profile. For this, students are required to undertake IELTS test i.e. an English language proficiency test. The minimum score of 6 overall Band is acceptable for bachelor’s course and for master’s course; the eligibility requirement is 6.5 Band.
Statement of Purpose – Some high-grade institutions and for professional courses, there is requirement from student to submit a statement that carries detailed information regarding your intentions, interests, future plans and your academic and non-academic capabilities. This document helps in understanding the intellectual, writing and communicative ability of the student.

If all these requirements are precisely fulfilled then-

Higher Education Institutions are expected to issue an Offer Letter within one week.
Community Colleges are known to process the Offer Letter in four weeks.
Universities generally take a little longer i.e. about 6 weeks.

Talking about intakes in Canada; there are three intakes

January Intake – In it, academic session initiates in January while students are advised to apply in September month so as to complete all the admission, study permit and procedural requirements in time. The international students should apply 3 months prior to their intake.
May Intake – The academic session starts in May and the application for this intake must be made in January.
September Intake – The education session commences in September and the application processing is advised to be submitted in May itself.

Conclusion: Offer Letter is the official document that certifies that the study abroad aspirant has been selected for the program in the institution, hence can further proceed with the visa processing formalities. The international students can apply in the intake of their convenience and should prepare their documents in time to achieve study in Canada. If you are also planning to study in Canada, you can contact experts at West Highlander.