How to avoid Canada study visa refusal due to irrelevant proposed study programme?

One of the reasons for refusal of Canada study visa permit is that the proposed study is not reasonable in light of one or more of your qualifications, previous study.

What does this refusal mean?

This means that the course you have chosen to Study in Canada is not relevant to your previous study or it may not be showing your study progression. Choosing a relevant course is very important for your Study in Canada application as it one of the various factors determining the success of your Canada student visa application.

Why is it important to choose a relevant course?

Choosing a relevant course showing your study progression shows your seriousness towards your career goals. Being a genuine student is very important criteria influencing your visa application. Genuineness and seriousness is reflected in the consistency of the study progression.

What happens if my course does not show study progression?

It is highly likely that your study permit for Canada would be refused because of inconsistency of your study path. You plan to spend a considerable amount of money for your further education in Canada and wrong course selection would highly indicate your intention to use study pathway as going to Canada.

What is a right course?

Right course is a course which is relevant to your previous study and any work experience you may have and shows your study progression. Depending on your present qualification and your career outcome you need to choose a relevant course.

How does West Highlander help Study in Canada aspirants?

West Highlander study abroad based in Chandigarh is a study abroad consultancy having years of experience in dealing with Study in Canada visa applications. We have a team of experienced and qualified counselors who guide you through each and every step of the process. We understand that it is very crucial to choose a relevant course so we counsel the students taking into consideration their educational background as well as their career aspirations.