How to find a job in Germany?

Are you planning to move to Germany on a job seeker visa? Getting a job seeker visa is the first step towards your dream of working in Germany. As the visa name suggests this visa is for seeking a job in Germany. You have 6 months to find a job relevant to your qualification in order to remain further in Germany. On a job seeker visa you are not allowed to work. The purpose of this is only to give you an opportunity to travel to Germany, find a job and then apply for Germany EU Blue Card.

Finding a job in Germany can be tricky. You must know the sources where to find jobs and how to apply for jobs. You have 6 months to for this .It is very important you do research about various job portals and newspaper advertising about job vacancies. You may also contact local employment agencies who are updated about the available vacancies at various places. Job fair is an excellent platform to meet employers who are looking to hire people. You get many employers at the same place. You may also approach personal recruitment agencies.

  • EURES- the European job mobility portal is an excellent portal to look for a job. It has got a big network of advisers who are in contact with both the job seekers and employers and could assist with job matching.
  • Federal employment agency is a page of German Government institution advertising jobs in Germany. You may search for your job relevant to your experience and qualification at Germany’s major job boars JOBBORSE. You may register yourself as a job seeker on this portal.
  • Hotline working and living in Germany is another Government institution page which may help you with your job search

Likewise there are number of platforms where one can search for job and get a work permission to work in Germany. Having information about all these portals and job search strategy is a must if you want to successfully find a job in Germany. This job finding strategy also plays a very crucial role in your application for Germany job search visa. During your application for job seeker visa you must submit a cover letter outlining your circumstances and how to plan to search a job in your field of qualification. Having information about various methods to search a job would definitely increase your chances of Getting Germany job seeker visa and of course finding the job relevant to your qualification once you are Germany.