How to get PR after Study in Australia?

In today’s dynamic world, immigration is a highly sought after option to fulfil dreams and settle at a place where one can realise his potential. Australia is an ideal destination to live, study and work. The developed country has cherishable natural beauty, welcoming culture towards people of other countries, peaceful and democratic environment and best educational facilities. Among all these lucrative factors, who will not consider settling in a country like Australia? To get Permanent Residency in Australia, the students are required to fulfil the eligibility requirements and follow the PR procedure enabled by Australian Government.
Options to earn PR after study in Australia
The international students after completion of their education in Australia can utilise any of the following options to eventually gain PR in Australia. The options under Visa Subclass 485 include –
Graduate Work Stream – The students can opt to work in an occupation which is highly in demand in Australian Labour Market and has been provided in the list of Eligible Skilled Occupation. The students can apply to work for up to 18 months under Graduate Work Stream.
Post-Study Work Stream – As per the qualification acquired by international students by attaining study in Australia, they are allowed to work in Australia –

  • Bachelor’s degree and Master’s by course degree – Two years post study work visa
  • Master’s by research – Three years post study work visa
  • Doctoral or PhD program – Four years work visa.

The course opted to study in Australia is directly related to the duration of work visa allowed.
Having gained post study work visa, now students can work in Australia and alongside, prep-up for acquiring PR in Australia. There is a proper Point System that is enabled by the Australian Government to allow people of other nationalities to settle in Australia. Let us understand the Point System –
Age – For the age group 18-24 years; 25 points are given. For the age group 25-32 years; candidates will get 30 points. For the age group 33-39 years; 25 points are granted.  For the age group 40-44 years; 15 points are provided.
English Language Ability – For competent English, proficient English and superior English; the points provided are zero, 10 and 20 respectively.
Skilled Employment in Australia – For 1-2 years experience, the candidates are provided 5 points; for 3-4 years of experience, 10 points; 5-7 years experience, 15 points; 8-10 years experience, 20 points.
Educational Qualification – The students who have earned doctorate degree in Australia or from any other recognised institution get 20 points. The students with Australian graduation degree or from any other recognised institution get 15 points. For a Diploma completed in Australia; 10 points are given.
Australian Qualification – If you have completed a bachelor, masters or PhD degree from an Australian institution, you will get 5 points.
Add-ons – If you study in Australia’s low population growth region, have accomplished professional year in Australia, include partner skill qualifications; you can get additional 5 points for any of these reasons.
The students are required to achieve minimum required points to gain PR in Australia. If you require more information regarding the courses, career paths, and the course of actions for study in Australia which will lead you to PR, you can contact experts at West Highlander. The Director at West Highlander is a member of Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA), License No. 1280308. Contact: 9915999677, 9915999766