I have IELTS 7 can I apply for Canada PR?

I have IELTS 7 can I apply for Canada PR?

Canada PR is one of the most sought after program chosen by immigrants. With serene environment and comfort of nature along with educational and medical facilities it has become a dream of candidates wishing to apply for Canada PR. Language is one of the key factor and an important requirement for selection under programs for Canada PR.

 The reason as we all understand is the fact that knowing the language of the country that you plan to migrate to gives you an edge and ample opportunities in the long run to have a successful career as well adopt the lifestyle of the country.

Coming to the question of IELTS requirement the answer is a positive YES!

Even with IELTS 7 you can definitely apply for Canada PR!

A score of 7 bands is extremely good and there are several programs under which you can apply and complete your dream of living in Canada with permanent residency.

An IELTS 7 band shows that you are extremely good in your English language skills.

Here are few programs for you with IELTS 7 for Canada PR:

Express Entry: Federal Skilled Worker Program

Express entry is one of the fastest way to apply for Canada PR. Under Federal Skilled Worker Program if you have the desired skills requirement and you are an experienced candidate with work experience then this is certainly the answer for you.  Under express entry federal skilled worker program if you meet the minimum requirements such as:

  • Having a skill/ work experience as per NOC level O, A or B.
  • Having a work experience for minimum of 1 year.
  • Educational qualification of post secondary level or higher

You can definitely apply under the program with minimum CLB 7 which is equivalent to scoring IELTS Reading 6, Writing 6, Listening 6 and Speaking 6. 

Therefore, the chances for you with an IELTS score of 7 are bright for Canada PR.

The second option is

Express Entry: Federal Skilled Trades Program

Now in case you have a valid job offer from a Canadian employer in your skill trade you can definitely apply under the Federal Skilled Trades Program.

Here the basic requirements would be as follow:

  • Minimum 2 years of work experience.
  • Your skill/work experience is as per NOC list level B
  • You have a job offer from a Canadian Employer

The plus point of this program is that there is no such minimum educational qualification and the minimum IELTS score required for this program is CLB 5 which is IELTS Reading 4, Writing 5, Listening 5 and Speaking 5.

So with your higher IELTS score you definitely stand a chance to apply for this program.

The third option

Provincial Nominee Program

In case a certain province nominates you or you have dream of living in a particular province with Canada PR you can do this by applying under provincial nominee program of the particular province.


  • Ontario PNP


Ontario one of the most populous and popular choice among Indian migrants it offers cultural diversity, favorable climate and humongous natural bliss. The trendsetting in energy generation, automobile production and agriculture it offers wide economic growth opportunities to prospective immigrants through OINP or Ontario PNP. 



  • Nova Scotia PNP


The resource based industry and tourism has been expanding over the years and is another choice among migrants. The large number of cultural blend of festivals and diverse cuisine is another reason for the provincial program being popular among migrants. The facilities available will make you feel close to home. 



  • Saskatchewan PNP


With a high share in GDP through education, health and social services it has become another choice among the migrants looking for Canada PR through SINP or Saskatchewan Immigration Nominee Program. With all the facilities you can bring your family along and provide them with comfort of a lifetime. 



  • Manitoba PNP


Another hub for immigrants looking for opportunities to migrate with Canada PR it has become a popular choice. A friendly community culture which welcomes everyone with open arms and vast economic development opportunities it is another choice for you. In case you have relatives already residing in Manitoba you can claim points for the same and apply under Manitoba Supporter for Federal Skilled Workers program.



  • British Columbia PNP


British Columbia has a blend of culture which consist of Europeans, Asians and influences from first nations. The eight regions under British Columbia offer you further diversity and dynamics. The economy mainly supported by natural resources, forestry and mining provides employment opportunities in both primary and secondary dependent jobs as per labor market requirements of BC PNP.



All these PNP programs have Federal Skilled Worker category where you need CLB 7 or IELTS Reading 6, Writing 6, Listening 6 and Speaking 6.

To know more about the programs which you can apply with a low IELTS score or for your profile assessment which is always wise or for  information before applying for Canada PR you can always consult Canada immigration consultants. West Highlander established in the year 2005 have been successfully delivering results for Canada PR. Our licensed immigration officers can cater to all your queries related to Canada PR immigration and provide results in no time!