Quebec Immigration New Rules and Requirements

Quebec Immigration New Rules and Requirements


Quebec is becoming one of the popular provinces in Canada due to the increase in number of economic activities in information and communication technologies, pharmaceutical industry, biotechnology and aerospace. With the growth in these sectors the immigration policies of Canada have been in favor of Quebec and thus the province has been able to introduce a number of pilot programs and enhance the skilled migration and temporary resident programs.


For Skilled Immigrants planning to apply for Quebec Immigration



  1. Under the new Quebec immigration rules it is expected that more than 47,500 immigrants would be invited in the upcoming 2021 immigration programs. This is to cover up for the halt due to the pandemic and is going to be win-win situation for both the provincial government and new immigrants.
  2. As per report while the skilled workers program under economic immigration class numbers for 2020 where 22,000 it is expected to see a hike in 2021 with maximum expected applicants of 29,300.
  3. CAQ plans on witnessing a 62% of the total 2021 immigrants to be in the economic immigration class.
  4. These are definitely promising numbers and candidates planning to apply for Quebec immigration under Quebec Skilled Worker program can start right away to have an even faster processing for Canada PR.

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New pilot programs for Quebec Immigration



  1. Under the new draft regulation three new immigration pilot programs for specific occupation have been targeted.
  2. These three programs would be functional as per reports for 5 years and are expected to see 550 candidates every year along with their family members as reported by MIFI.
  3. The beneficiary orderlies’ jobs in food processing, tech workers in artificial intelligence and IT and visual effects sector will benefit applicants in these areas.
  4. This is a beneficial revision in the Quebec immigration new rules and policies as it can benefit in the development of the province and on the other hand provide work to applicants in these spheres who wish to settle with Canada PR.




    The three new pilot programs under Quebec Immigration



  1. Beneficiary Attendant Pilot
  2. Food Processing Pilot
  3. Artificial Intelligence, IT and Visual Effects Pilot


New requirements for Temporary Residents and students




  1. Work experience requirements under PEQ have been revised for both Temporary residents and students planning to apply for Quebec PR through Canadian permanent residency.
  2. For temporary foreign workers planning to apply for permanent residence to Canada they need to have at least 36 months of full time work experience in the 4 years or 48 months prior to applying for Canada PR.
  3. Students would require 12 to 24 months of work experience in Quebec for PEQ.
  4. For students who obtain a university or college degree from Quebec would require 12 months of work experience and ensure that their job skill is under National Occupation list skill level O, A or B.
  5. For those students who will obtain a Quebec diploma of professional studies would require 24 months of work experience in Quebec under NOC skill level code O,A ,B or C jobs.
  6. In case you are a student and your skill level is under NOC level code C then to be eligible under Quebec Immigration new rules your work experience should be related to the program of study you complete in Quebec.
  7. For spouses of primary applicants under PEQ will have to demonstrate spoken knowledge of French. This initiative is to ensure that the partners can easily integrate in the province. This requirement however will come into force one year after the reform is active. So for applicants planning to apply for Quebec immigration program now is the time to apply for Canada PR.
  8. Other than this under Quebec Immigration new rules and requirements the PEQ processing time would be 6 months to ensure equality among both PEQ and Quebec Skilled Worker program candidates.


Quebec Selected Skilled Worker Program 2021: New Rules and Requirements



For Indian applicants planning to apply for Quebec Selected Skilled Worker Program 2021 the province has specially designed rules and requirements which are exclusive to the province.

  1. You would initially have to apply for Quebec Selection certificate or CSQ as it is commonly known that is issued by the government of Quebec.
  2. To apply for CSQ you need to meet the Quebec Immigration requirements and ensure you score the minimum points for your application.
  3. For CSQ the current minimum score is 50 points for primary applicants alone. In case your spouse is planning to accompany you then you need 59 points.
  4. Once you qualify for CSQ you could apply for Canada PR under IRCC.


Requirements under Quebec Immigration: Select Skilled Worker Program 2021



You would be required to score 50 points as an individual and 59 along with spouse. For which you would be awarded points for the following criteria:

  1. Educational Qualification
  2. Training
  3. Work experience
  4. Age
  5. Language proficiency (IELTS/CELPIP)
  6. Adaptability factor


You could score additional points in case you have a relative in Quebec or Canada, your partner’s characteristics, in case a valid job offer is received by a Quebec employer, in case you have dependent children below the age of 22.

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