How to move to Quebec as a skilled migrant?


Like other federal programs Quebec as entirely different rules and regulations to ensure one can apply for Canada PR in Quebec as a skilled immigrant. It is one such program where you do not need to have a valid job offer to apply. The program governed and run by the Quebec government selects candidates for PR who can established themselves economically in the province and have clear intention of living in Quebec.


Quebec is only province in Canada which francophone or has French speaking community largely. The Quebec Skilled Worker program has qualifying criteria for the program which is unique to the province and represents the cultural uniqueness of the province. The program would select only the best candidates who can blend in the culture and are able to successfully meet the requirement criteria for the program. As an applicant for the program to move to Quebec as a skilled immigrant, you can definitely include your spouse/common-law partner and any dependent children below the age of 22 easily on your application.


To move to Quebec as a skilled immigrant in Quebec skilled worker program you would need to apply to Quebec Immigration to initially obtain Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ). Once you get the CSQ, applicant can apply to the federal government to obtain Canada PR visa.


Here are all the answers to your queries required to ensure you can successfully move to Quebec as a skilled immigrant:


Question: How can I move to Quebec as a skilled immigrant?


To move to Quebec as a skilled immigrant you can apply under Quebec skilled worker program. It is a unique program with its own set of requirements which you need to meet set by the Quebec government in order to get Quebec Selection Certificate or CSQ. Like other federal immigration programs in this program too you would be awarded some points for the requirement criteria that you meet. However, the point’s requirement is comparatively low and therefore if you plan to move to Quebec as a skilled immigrant this is a good option for you.


Complete information on moving to Quebec as skilled worker

Question: What is the eligibility requirement for Quebec Skilled worker immigration?



To get Canada PR to the province of Quebec you need to meet the following requirements:

  1. Academic Qualification you can claim maximum of 14 points.
  2. Training you can claim maximum of 12 points.
  3. Work experience- you can claim maximum of 8 points.
  4. Language Proficiency maximum of 22 points are awarded.
  5. Age (You must be 18 years old at the time of applying for the program) points are dependent on your age and maximum points are awarded to candidates between the age of 18-35.
  6. Financial stability/Funds to sustain your stay in Quebec- you can claim 1 point



In case you include your spouse and dependent children in your application for Canada PR you can definitely claim bonus points for the criteria they meet and also in case you have a valid job offer.



You would be required to score minimum of 50 points as an individual applicant and 59 along with spouse.



Question: What are the points awarded for age for Quebec skilled worker immigration program?

Following are the points for different age brackets:

Age Points
18-35 16
36 14
37 12
38 10
39 8
40 6
41 4
42 2



Question: How are points allotted for work experience?


Following are the points awarded for work experience:


Duration of Work experience Points
More than 48 months 8
36-47 months 6
24-35 months 6
12-23 months 4
6-11 months 4



Question: What are the points for education qualification?


Following are the points for education qualification:


Educational Qualifications    Points
Doctorate: 14
Master’s Degree: 12
UG Diploma with 3+ years: 10
UG Diploma with 2+ years: 6
UG Diploma with 1+ years: 4
Postsecondary school technical diploma attesting to 3 years of full-time studies: 8
Postsecondary school technical diploma attesting 1-2 years of full-time studies: 6
Secondary school Vocational Diploma: 6
Secondary school General Diploma: 2



Question: What are the documents required for Quebec Immigration skilled worker program?


Following are the documents required to apply for Quebec immigration skilled worker program:


  1. ID document- Passport
  2. Work experience documents- Experience letters, Appointment letters, Pay slips.
  3. Language Proficiency- IELTS/CELPIP test result
  4. Marriage Certificate in case you apply with your spouse
  5. Financial evidence to validate that you can support yourself and any family member accompanying you.



Question: What is the application process for Quebec skilled immigrant program?


Here are the steps you need to follow:

Step 1 Check your eligibility for QSWP

Step 2 Arrange your documents and apply

Step 3 Obtain CSQ and apply for Canada PR with IRCC


Your Canada immigration consultant can ensure that all the steps and requirements for the Canada PR program are met and you are able to apply without any hassle.


Question: What is the cost of applying in Quebec skilled immigrant program?



Here is the fee structure to apply for QSWP:

  1. Processing fee for Primary Applicant – $1325
  2. Processing fee for Spouse or de facto spouse – $500
  3. Processing fee for each dependent child – $225


Question: What is the processing time for Quebec skilled immigrant program?


The Quebec immigration processing time for Quebec skilled immigrant program is 6 months after the successful application is received.





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