Quebec Immigration Processing Time

Quebec Immigration Processing Time


Quebec is one the fastest and popularly growing province for Quebec Immigration 2021 program in the current and upcoming years. With the change in the current immigration policy announcements announcing 1.2 million immigrants in the next few years to Canada Quebec Skilled Worker Program 2021 is going to see a lot of applications.

Canada Immigration is a widely popular program through Quebec Skilled Worker Program 2021 with multicultural communities, numerous festivals and all the benefits to Canada PR and their spouse and dependent children. You can apply for Quebec PR with Quebec Skilled Worker Program 2021.

Here is all you the information you need to know for the Quebec Skilled Worker Program 2021 for fast Quebec Immigration Processing Time:


Quebec Skilled Worker Program 2021


  1. Quebec Skilled Worker Program 2021 is becoming more popular due to the announcements of revision in bringing more immigrants to Canada in the coming years. Quebec Skilled Worker Program is a unique economic immigration program designed by the Quebec government to increase immigrants with skills and talent as per their own labor market requirement.
  2. Quebec immigration processing time for QSWP is faster compared to other Canada PR immigration programs. The other programs willing candidates look for are express entry and Canada PNP programs which have also seen a lot of popularity.
  3. The USP for Quebec Skilled Worker Program is that the provincial government of Quebec operates it solely unlike Canada express entry or Canada PNP where federal government has a say.
  4. For being eligible for Quebec Skilled Worker Program you need to meet the requirements and score a minimum of 50 points as an Individual candidate. 50 points in case you apply with a spouse. Once you meet this requirement you need to apply for EOI to get CSQ or Quebec Selection Certificate. This can increase your Quebec immigration processing time.


Why Expression of Interest for Quebec Immigration 2021


  1. Expression of Interest is required to be submitted to Quebec Government so that they know that you have clear intentions of settling in Quebec with Canada PR.
  2. Once you submit an EOI for Quebec Immigration after meeting all the requirements you would be awarded points for your profile. Currently you need to score 50 points as an individual applicant and 59 with spouse to be eligible.
  3. Once you are eligible the next step would be to get a CSQ to increase your Quebec immigration processing time.


Requirements for Quebec Skilled Worker Program to expedite your Quebec Immigration Processing Time



  1. You need to fulfill some requirements for Quebec Immigration program in order to be eligible. Following are the requirements:
  2. Age
  3. Area of Training
  4. Work experience
  5. Language test scores
  6. Any Job offer details
  7. Any relative in Canada or Quebec
  8. Sufficient funds to stay in Canada
  9. Spouse accompanying – Language test scores, education and work experience documents
  10. Any dependent child/children Identification information- usually a passport

Quebec points calculator 2021 to increase your Quebec Immigration Processing Time

The Quebec point’s calculator 2021 requires you to score a minimum of 50 points for yourself and 59 if you apply with your spouse. Here is how the points are allotted.

  1. For Area of Training, you get maximum 26 points. 14 points are for Education and 12 points are for your Area of Training.
  2. For Work Experience you get maximum 8 points
  3. For Age maximum 16 points you can get
  4. For your IELTS or Language Proficiency maximum 22 points you can get. The minimum IELTS requirement is CLB 5 which is IELTS Reading 4, Writing 5, Listening 5 and Speaking 5.
  5. In case you also have French Language Proficiency maximum 16 points are awarded- It is not a mandatory criteria
  6. For your family or relations in Quebec you can get maximum 8 points.
  7. For characteristic of your spouse such as area of training, IELTS, educational qualification maximum 17 points are awarded.
  8. For accompanying dependent children below the age of 22 maximum 8 points are awarded.
  9. In case you get any job offer for Quebec Employer maximum of 10 points are awarded.
  10. For having sufficient financial funds maximum of 1 point is given.

The Quebec Immigration processing time on obtaining the CSQ and applying successfully for Quebec Skilled Worker Program 2021 after a complete application is received by immigration takes about 6 months.


What is CSQ or Quebec Selection Certificate for Quebec Immigration 2021?


  1. CSQ or Quebec Selection Certificate for Quebec Immigration is a selection certificate provided by the Quebec government.
  2. In case you fulfill the requirements of the Quebec Skilled Worker Program and the Quebec government feels your application is beneficial to the province you will receive a CSQ.


Benefits of Quebec Immigration 2021

  1. Faster Quebec immigration processing time
  2. World-class healthcare and educational facilities
  3. Many job opportunities with the best brands and organizations
  4. Quality lifestyle
  5. Cheaper cost of living in Quebec as compared to other provinces
  6. Pollution-free environment
  7. Easy and comfortable access to public transport and other services
  8. Many recreational and entertainment activities
  9. Benefits and rights of the spouse and dependent children
  10. Travel benefits with a Canadian passport.


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