How to apply Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP)?

How to apply Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP)?

Complete guide to applying for Quebec Skilled Worker Program


Quebec is home to a number of immigrants planning who have successfully applied for Quebec PR programs. With Montreal on the side, as one of the most popular choices among immigrants and students, Quebec has a lot to offer to both immigrants and permanent residents. With provisions for free and accessible medical facilities, transportation facilities, top-notch education, access to a number of government programs, leading global brands and organizations for job opportunities, a bustling lifestyle there are plenty of options for everyone.

Quebec has a unique program for Indian immigrants who are planning to apply for Canada PR to the province of Quebec through Quebec Skilled Worker Program.

Unlike other Canada PR programs such as express entry and PNP, Quebec has a rather exclusive program for immigrants. Quebec government has the provision of selecting the best candidates for Quebec PR through Quebec Skilled Worker Program

Here is your complete guide to applying for Quebec Skilled Worker Program

Step 1 Understanding Quebec Skilled Worker Program

  1. Quebec Skilled Worker Program is an economic immigration program specially designed by Quebec government to cater to its own labor market requirements and choose the best candidates for Canada PR.
  2. Being a province with French influence it has a unique immigration process.
  3. Unlike express entry and PNP programs, the point requirement is a little less. However, a candidate needs to fulfill the required criteria and obtain a CSQ or Quebec Selection Certificate to be nominated by the government for this program.

Step 2 Understanding Criteria of Selection for Quebec Skilled Worker Program

  1. You will have to apply to Quebec Government for Quebec Skilled Worker Program. For this, you need to obtain a CSQ Quebec Selection Certificate.
  2. This is provided once you fulfill and meet the requirements of Quebec government’s skilled worker program.
  3. You would have to submit an Expression of Interest to Apply for Quebec Skilled Worker program once you meet the required criteria.
  4. You would be required to obtain 50 points against the requirements for Quebec skilled worker program as an individual and 59 points with your spouse to obtain a CSQ for Canada PR.

Step 3 Ensuring requirements for Quebec Skilled Worker Program are met

Following are the requirements against which you can obtain points for Quebec Skilled Worker Program:

  1. Area of Training (Max 26 points) – Maximum 14 points for Education and Area of Training 12 points.
  2. Work Experience (Max 8 points)
  3. Age (Max 16 points)
  4. Language Proficiency (Max 22 points)
  5. French Language Proficiency (Max 16 points)- Not mandatory criteria
  6. Family in Quebec ( Max 8 points)
  7. Characteristic of Spouse (Max 17 points)
  8. Accompanying dependent children (Max 8 points)
  9. Any Job offer (Max 10 points)
  10. Financial Self Sufficiency (Max 1 point)

Step 4 Submitting an Expression of Interest

  1. Once you know that you meet the minimum eligibility requirement you need to submit an expression of Interest form to Quebec Government through their portal stating that you are genuinely interested in settling in the province of Quebec.
  2. After your EOI is reviewed you will be issued an Invitation to apply.
  3. You will receive suggestions on the labor market requirements in different parts of Quebec.


Step 5 Applying for Quebec Selection Certificate

  1. Once you receive an invitation to apply the next step is to apply for Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ).
  2. The Quebec government would assess the application based on their eligibility criteria.
  3. You would be required to score 50 points minimum as an individual applicant and 59 with a spouse to be eligible against the criteria mention in step 3.

Step 6 Applying to IRCC for Canada PR

Once your receive the CSQ now you need to apply to IRCC for Canada PR

Step 7 Completing documentation process

Complete the documents process and upload the documents for the program.

Step 8 Submissions of Fees

Submit the processing fee

Step 9 Mailing the application to CIO

                Now the application is to be sent to CIO.  West Highlander is seasoned immigration officers with 15 years of experience and can help you in each step and immigration process to apply for Quebec Skilled Worker Program.

Step 10 Book flights to Canada PR. Travel Safe!

Now you all you need to do is pack your bags and successfully achieve your dream of Canada PR.



So, in a nutshell, a licensed immigration consultant can definitely help you with step by step guidance and profile assessment to ensure your eligibility for the program. Further, they can help you through each step for skilled migration to apply for Quebec Skilled Worker Program.

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