Total cost to apply for Canada PR 2021: Canada Immigration and Visa Processing Fee

total cost to apply for Canada PR 2021: Canada Immigration and Visa Processing Fee


Canada is one of the promising and highly migrated to the country not only at the moment but for a few years. The reason for people applying for Canada PR is the plethora of options available for job opportunities and successful ventures for professionals and skilled Indians. This not only helps them gain a global experience but also aid in developing the healthy economy of the country. There is no time like now to apply for Canada PR 2021.



But before you apply for Canada immigration it is good to have an idea about the visa processing fee and the total cost to apply for Canada PR depending on the program you apply in. Here are a few numbers that can ease and provide you a comfortable application process idea.



Ensure you check your eligibility requirement



  1. Before you apply for Canada PR 2021 it is wise to know about the program you are applying to and meet the requirements for the program.
  2. Under express entry, you can apply in Federal Skilled Worker and Federal Skilled Trades
  3. Also, you can apply under Canada PNP or provincial nominee program in case you wish to apply for Canada PR 2021 to a particular province in Canada then you would have to fulfill the requirements of the province.
  4. Quebec Selected worker program is another promising opportunity for you to apply for Canada PR. Here you would have to fulfill the requirements of the program as laid down by the Quebec government.


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Now that you have checked your eligibility requirement it is best to know the processing fee which is a definite expenditure to be paid to the Canadian government authorities.

Here is a complete breakdown of fee structures.



Express Entry- Federal Skilled Workers Program




  1. Processing Fee Primary Applicant- $825 +Right to PR fee $500
  2. Processing Fee Secondary Candidate (Spouse or Common-law partner)- $825 +Right to PR fee $500
  3. Dependent Child Fee- $225 for children below the age of 22 years.




Quebec Skilled Workers Program (QSWP) category



  1. Processing fee for Primary Applicant – $1325
  2. Processing fee for Spouse or de facto spouse – $500
  3. Processing fee for each dependent child – $225




Provincial Nominee Program


The exact amount to apply for Canada PNP would depend on the province you are applying to. There are several PNP programs for Canada PR 2021 which you can apply in:



  1. Saskatchewan Express entry program
  2. Saskatchewan Occupation in-demand program
  3. Ontario Human Capital Priorities stream
  4. Manitoba Skilled Worker overseas program
  5. Nova Scotia Express entry demand program
  6. BC or British Columbia PNP
  7. Alberta PNP




Complete details on total cost to apply for Canada PR in 2021


Other charges in the immigration list to apply for Canada PR in 2021:



  1. IELTS examination fee currently for Indians is 14000 INR
  2. Educational Credential Assessment fee would depend on the ECA body which would assess your educational documents
  3. Medical Examination fee
  4. Police certification cost
  5. Traveling tickets
  6. Proof of Funds




Proof of Funds



  1. You would need to show your original assets and the borrowed amount is not considered as Fund. Commonly accepted forms of assets are:
  2. Cash
  3. Savings accounts
  4. Saving bonds, shares, debentures, etc
  5. Other similar financial assets


Your proof of funds is to support yourself and any other applicant who would be joining you in your Canada immigration goal.  The government portal provides an estimate of the funds required in supporting a family or an individual required as proof of funds. It is wise to look into the estimates.


Your Canada immigration consultant can help you in providing you a clear picture of the documents and help you throughout your immigration process.


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