IELTS requirement for Germany study visa 2021

Study in Germany

Choosing to study in Germany is an excellent opportunity for international students with several benefits of German education. The STEM courses are one of the main education streams and offer numerous job opportunities. Apart from the core STEM courses one can opt for courses in psychology, arts, marketing, journalism, culinary and several more. The tuition fee for these courses in public universities is zero and study in Germany for free is possible. Further, one has to merely pay a small administrative yearly cost ranging between 200-300 Euros.

Language of Instruction

A common worry among international students planning to study in Germany is the language requirement. It is certainly not a mandatory condition that international students are required to learn German language as majority of programs are offered in both English and German language. However, in case you are interested in learning the language German universities have free language learning programs. Additionally, learning the language in your own country has its benefits and can smoothen the study visa processing.

Requirement for Germany Study Visa 2021

Following are the requirements your study in Germany consultants in Chandigarh would guide you on:

  1. Good academic records from recognized schools and college/university in case planning for a Masters course.
  2. Transcripts of Marks and academic records
  3. Blocked Account
  4. Language Proficiency Requirement (German or English)- IELTS requirement as per the study level you are opting for.
  5. Valid Passport Copies
  6. Letter of Motivation
  7. Work Experience (In case any)
  8. Gap Justification (In case any)

IELTS requirement for Germany study visa 2021

For studying in Germany Indian students are required to meet English language proficiency through IELTS/TOEFL

Requirements for Bachelor Program to study in Germany

Indian Education system is of 12 years whereas for bachelor’s program in Germany students are required to have completed 13 years of education. For balancing the eligibility requirement as international student from India students are required to have completed first or second year of a bachelor program from a recognized university in home country in a relevant subject field. Another alternative is to have completed IB or ICGSE or similar internationally recognised examination. Students can also opt for studying a foundation Course – Studienkolleg which prepares for Feststellungsprufung. For enrolling in Studienkolleg one needs to have 12th Class certificate with German Proficiency of B1 or B2 Level. Next step is to give an entrance exam –Aufnahmeprufung for getting admission in the foundation course. The foundation course is of two-semester duration which will prepare for the Feststellungsprufung – which assesses student’s proficiency in subjects which are crucial to your chosen degree program and in German Language. The successful completion of the Feststellungsprufung makes one eligible to apply for a Bachelor Degree program to study in Germany.

IELTS requirement for Bachelors in Germany 2021

Following are the requirements as per:

  1. Public University: IELTS Overall 6.0 not less than 5.5 is required or equivalent TOEFL.
  2. Private University: IELTS Overall 5.5 not less than 5.0 is required or equivalent TOEFL.

Requirements for Master Program to study in Germany

Students would need to have a good academic score at graduation which should be of 4 years duration or 3+1 year along with 70% or above. Further, students are required to provide GRE/GMAT score and along with work experience if required.

IELTS requirement for Masters in Germany 2021 For Masters 6.5 IELTS score or TOEFL equivalent.

Cost of Living in Germany for International students

While there is no cost of tuition in public universities, a student would be required to pay 200-300 Euros of administrative fee. Along with this students have to shell out around 800 Euros a month.

Expenditure Monthly Cost
Rent and utilities € 323
Food and drink € 168
Clothing € 42
Working/learning materials € 20
Travel costs (car and public transport) € 94
Health insurance, medical costs, medicine € 80
Phone, internet, TV € 31
Leisure, culture, sports € 61
Total € 819


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