Letter of explanation for Study in Canada

A very important aspect of your Study in Canada application is to enroll in a relevant course.

International students must submit Letter of explanation along with their study In Canada visa application

 Explanation letter is very important as it assists the visa officer to understand your study and career goals.

Points to be included in Explanation letter

  • Reasons to Choose Study in Canada

 This is a document which provides you with an opportunity to let the visa officer know why you have chosen to study in Canada. You must include definite reasons for your choice. Study in Canada would cost you and the case officer is interested to know about the research you have done to pursue your decision to Study in Canada.

  • Reason to choose your proposed course of study

Another point you must cover in your Letter of Explanation is your choice of the proposed course. You need to provide solid reasons about why you have chosen a particular course and how this course would benefit you in terms of your study goal or your career goal.

  • Relevance of your proposed course to your background

 Is your proposed course for Study in Canada relevant with your past experience? How your course and the level of the course is relevant to your past study or any work

  • Study Progression

If it is not relevant why have you chosen to do this course and how does it fit into your study progression?

  • Your responsibilities as a student

This is another very important point which you must include in your student visa application to Canada. As an international student you must know and understand your responsibilities and the letter of explanation is an excellent way to communicate to the visa officer what your responsibilities as a student are and that you fully understand them.

 While applying for student visa to Canada it is very important to follow the checklist as per their visa category. Under the newly launched Student Direct Stream for students from India if you have an offer letter from a Designated Learning Institute and have IELTS band score of 6 in each of the four modules of Listening, Reading, Writing and speaking you may apply under the SDS Scheme- Student Direct Stream. Under SDS Stream your study visa application is processed faster as compared to normal study permit applications. The processing time under SDS is 45 days.

The documentation to be submitted along is very simple you need

  • To pay one year tuition fee upfront
  • Have GIC Certificate of $ 10,000
  • IELTS 6 band each in each of the four modules
  • Upfront Medical

Above mentioned are the documents which must be provided along your study visa application for Canada under STUDENT DIRECT STREAM.
We understand that enrolling in a relevant course of study which clearly shows your study progression is one of the very important aspects of your study visa application to be successful. At West Highlander we ensure that we counsel the student as per their career aspirations assisting them to choose the course relevant to their background here in India. One of the key personnel of West Highlander has completed Canada Course for Education Agents Certificate – CCEA and we ensure that we properly guide our clients about course options for their study in Canada.