Letter of motivation for Germany study visa 2022

Germany is one of the advanced and developed economies in the world. Study in Germany has got many benefits for students who would like to move to Germany and do a course over there.

One of the biggest attractions of study in Germany is that the students may find the course for which they have not to pay any tuition fee. So students can get options in Germany for a free study as well as a paid program. To know about the eligibility for both kinds of programs you may contact West Highlander, the best Germany study visa consultant in Chandigarh.

A very important aspect to get admission into a German university as well as to get Germany study visa successfully is letter of motivation. Letter of motivation also known as statement of purpose among international students is a very important document on which the success of your German student visa depends. Students must be very careful while preparing this letter. Your admission application to a University of your choice in Germany largely depends on how you write your letter of motivation.

In Letter of motivation you must write what motivated you to study in Germany .This should not be a very broad aspect but must be very specific about the things. Few of the points the students may mention in this statement of purpose for their Germany study visa are

Why they wish to study in Germany in 2022

In this part they can write about the advantages of studying in Germany. The students must mention about the research they may have done about their study in Germany. You plan to study outside of your home country. There would have been other study destinations which would you have thought about .Students must mention about these things, destinations they thought about and why did they particularly shortlist Germany.

Second point the students must mention in the letter of motivation is

 Choosing this particular course

In this part the students may mention about the things which motivated them to do this particular course. Few things maybe the relevance of the proposed course with their past Academics and any work experience history they may have. Students must mention how the course they propose to study in Germany is a logical extension of their present academic and any work experience background they may have.

For example let’s say you are a student who has done his B Tech in mechanical engineering from India. You wish to study Masters in mechanical engineering. This is a very logical pathway of study. After doing a bachelor’s degree you plan to do a master’s degree which is at a higher level than your present degree that is a bachelor’s degree. Along with being at a higher level it is also in a relevant field -bachelors in mechanical engineering and now you wish to do Masters in mechanical engineering .So this very logical extension of your studies.

The third point the students must mention in their letter of motivation is

About their choice of University

The particular course which the students wish to study in Germany may be available at many universities .Why have the student chosen this particular University for study in Germany?  The students may mention about following here

  • They may mention about the university facilities
  • Distinctive point they found in this particular University which motivated them to choose this university instead of other universities
  • Location may be a preference of a University
  • Student may wish to study in Germany but he may not wish to study in a big university

These may be few of examples student may have for choosing a particular University for further study in Germany. The students may mention these reasons in this part.

The next thing the students must mention is about the career aspirations

You plan to spend the significant amount of your time and may be money for your studies in Germany. You are moving out of your country in a new country and in a new culture. Case office may be very much interested to know about your seriousness. A serious student would be clear about the further pathways he may have upon the successful completion of the program. In this part the students may mention about this.

Above are few of the points the students may mention in their letter of motivation for their Germany study visa. Students must take care that letter of motivation that is the statement of purpose must be well drafted. It must be a clear cut reflection of your circumstances. It is very important as letter of motivation is a very good source where the students can share their study goals with the case officer. So the students must not take the letter of motivation lightly and they must prepare this after doing their research.