List of Best Colleges in Australia 2024 for Tourism and Hospitality Management Courses

Australia is considered one of the best countries to study for international students, as it provides great academic excellence and support for international students, and the standard of living there is considered to be very good. A student planning to do an MBA, an English language course, an engineering degree, a Tourism & Hospitality Management Course or any other course in Australia is the best option for him or her. There are a number of opportunities that students get while they study in Australia. Studying in Australia is like undertaking a world-class degree and fast-tracking your career. Australia provides students with top colleges for Tourism & Hospitality Management courses. In Tourism a student who has a strong interest in travel and wishes to oversee tourism operations and give clients itinerary advice, this course is perfect for them. The sector creates billions of dollars in addition to safety, vibrancy, and diversity, and is also boredom-free. You will be able to work with airlines, cruise lines, travel agencies, travel operators, and visitor information centers because of this training.

Also, under the academic course of a hospitality degree in Australia, a student understands the unique and specialized industry while including subjects like Food Products, English Communication, Food and Beverages, Housekeeping, Front Office, Nutrition & Food, etc. Thus both courses are a great plan for students to pursue in Australia.

In this article, you can read important information related to the List of Best Colleges in Australia 2024 for Tourism & Hospitality Management Courses. The article is written under the supervision of a MARA agent, Ms. Parwinder Kaur. For over eighteen years, we have assisted Indian students who wish to study in Australia. West Highlander is an open visa advisory that will help you every step of the way while applying for an Australia study visa. Indian students who wish to study in Australia are not required to pay any fees. After reviewing your profile, our team of experts will assist you in selecting the programs and colleges that will best suit your needs. We at West Highlander also help students with their Australia study visa or Australia student visa.

List of Best Colleges in Australia 2024 for Tourism & Hospitality Management Courses

There are many colleges in Australia that let international students apply and study with them, all that an international student has to do is get an Australia student visa. A lot of programs are provided in a lot of colleges for students interested in hospitality & tourism management. Further is a list of best Colleges in Australia 2024 for Tourism & Hospitality Management Courses:

  • University of Queensland
  • Murdoch University
  • Victoria University
  • James Cook University
  • Griffith University
  • University of South Australia
  • La Trobe University
  • Bond University
  • Curtin University
  • Kaplan Business School
  • Cowan University

Thus these are some of the colleges that will provide students with various programs in hospitality & tourism management. Students can enroll in these universities the teaching methods are great and education is given a huge value in Australia. Thus a student interested can search more and find a suitable program for themselves. You can also contact us at West Highlander we will assist you through your Australia student visa or Australia study visa and applications to Australian colleges after reading your profile.

Eligibility for Tourism & Hospitality Management Courses

The prerequisites for admission are solely determined by the program you want to study in Australia. International students should be careful to look for programs that are linked to their prior education or work experience before selecting one to study in Australia. International students wishing to enroll in undergraduate or bachelor’s level programs must possess both a high school diploma and an IELTS score of 6.0 overall. A bachelor’s degree and an IELTS score of 6.5 overall are prerequisites for postgraduate study. For the most part, these are the prerequisites; however, some programs may have more stringent requirements for admission.

In the article, you are presented with a list of best Colleges in Australia 2024 for Tourism & Hospitality Management Courses thus the requirements in each of the universities vary a student has to go through the college website thoroughly in order to get a proper view of the eligibility criteria. A student can also contact West Highlander one of the top immigration consultancy in Chandigarh. Our team will guide you through the entire process of the college application and Australia study visa. Some basic information regarding the bachelor in tourism and hospitality management course is provided to you further:

  • High school degree.
  • Minimum PTE score of 65
  • A telephonic or in-person interview.
  • SAT score
  • Work experience

Thus for the master’s degree in tourism & hospitality management, a student should have:

  • hold any Bachelor’s degree (or higher) from a recognized university
  • A minimum overall band score of 6.5 on IELTS or have TOEFL

Also, the demand for IELTS scores and language proficiency tests can vary from one university to another. Thus a student has to be well versed in all the details of the subject.

Programs for Tourism & Hospitality Management Courses

There are many universities that provide students with the course, further, you will see the programs available in a university for students. Some master programs among the List of Best Colleges in Australia 2024 for Tourism & Hospitality Management Courses are given below:

University Program
Bond University Master of Tourism and Hospitality Management
Griffith University Master of Tourism and Hospitality Management
The University of Queensland Master of Tourism and Hospitality Management
James Cook University Master of Tourism and Hospitality Management
Victoria University Master of Tourism and Hospitality Management

Some of the universities providing bachelors are:

University Program
Edith Cowan University Bachelor of Hospitality and Tourism Management
The University of Queensland Bachelor of Hospitality and Tourism Management
Murdoch University Bachelor of Hospitality and Tourism Management
University of South Australia Bachelor of Hospitality and Tourism Management
Bond University Bachelor of Hospitality and Tourism Management

Career in Tourism & Hospitality Management Courses

The hospitality and tourism sector is a very diverse and dynamic one. You’ll have a plethora of employment alternatives, continually be challenged to try new things, and meet new people. This vibrant sector may also provide a route to PR and a fresh start in Australia. This business, which includes hospitality and tourism, boosts the Australian economy by billions annually. This will benefit you also.

With this degree, you will be prepared for a career in one of the world’s fastest-growing and most in-demand industries of hospitality and tourist management. You’ll learn about event planning, business identity and procedures, managing the service experience, sustainable tourism development, and food and beverage management. Your degree can be further customized with a focus on marketing, events management, international business, or human resource management. You will gain exposure to industry-standard technology in this course, along with the development of global and cultural perspectives. Upon graduation, you will possess the necessary abilities to excel at intermediate and advanced levels in hospitality and tourism administration.

Some of the career opportunities that students can get in tourism & hospitality management are:

  • Restaurant Manager
  • Operations Supervisor
  • Tour operator
  • Tourist Development Manager
  • Travel Consultant
  • Visitor Information Center Management
  • Inbound sales & gap Manager
  • Hotel manager
  • Resort Manager
  • Airline or Cruise Manager
  • Account & General Manager

These are some of the opportunities students can get after completing their degree. In fact, the course equips students to work in any area of the hospitality industry as department or small business managers. Employers that range widely include restaurants, lodging facilities, motels, catering services, bars, taverns, cafes, and coffee shops. With this qualification, you can multitask and specialize in gaming, food and beverage, culinary arts, lodging services, and gaming. Along with imparting real-world experience, the courses also provide exceptional managerial abilities and practical experience.

A student thus can plan to study in Australia for Tourism & Hospitality Management course, as it provides with a wide range of Universities and career opportunities for students. International students can also benefit from this degree and study in Australia. They need to fulfill the requirements demanded by a program or university and thus get enroll in one. Also, it is important for them to have an Australia Study Visa or Australia Student Visa.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Hospitality Management in demand in Australia?

Australia is particularly well-known for its top-notch hospitality sector, and coming here to study might open up a lot of doors for you in terms of employment and permanent residence (PR). Additionally, you can begin making money as soon as you finish your degree. Australia is a well-liked travel destination, and there are increasing job prospects in the hotel sector. Thus the demand for students with this degree is high there.

Where can I study hospitality in Australia?

There is a List of Best Colleges in Australia 2024 for Tourism & Hospitality Management Courses, some of them are Griffith University. The University of Queensland. James Cook University. Edith Cowan University, Kaplan Business School, Blue Mountains International Hotel Management School, etc.

Is hospitality a PR course in Australia?

This huge industry can prove to be a pathway to PR, giving you a new life in Australia. Thus a student can plan on doing the course if he or she is interested and is looking for a PR.

Why study Tourism & Hospitality Management Courses in Australia?

There are many excellent reasons to think about it as an international student. There are many different courses available in Australian academic institutions, catering to your interests in food, travel, or event planning. Along with studying under reputable teachers, you’ll frequently be close to some of the most popular tourist destinations on earth. In addition, some Australian cities are listed as some of the greatest in the world. There’s nowhere better than Australia to launch or advance your career in hospitality. In addition to having some of the best academics and industry specialists actively teaching, Australia is home to some of the top hotel management colleges and institutions in the world. The hospitality sector in Australia is highly developed and diverse, providing a wealth of chances for individuals interested in a career in hotel management. Thus a student must try to study in Australia as it will enhance his or her experience and knowledge.