My result is awaited can I apply for study in Canada January 2022 intake?

This is a common question Canada study visa aspirants have. Students are waiting for their final results   and are confused if they should proceed ahead  and apply for Study in Canada January 2022 intake.

The students can apply for January 2022 intake for Canada study visa while waiting for their results. To successfully complete the application and visa process in time for January 2022 intake Canada study visa aspirants must start the process well in advance.

Why the students must start the process of Canada study visa for January 2022 well in advance?

Canada is a country which has got excellent study options for international students. Along with this part time work opportunities and post study work visa make it an attractive choice for students aspiring to study abroad. Because of this college seats for the intakes are filled very quickly and sometimes the students have to wait for months for next intake to open. So to avoid these waiting periods which may result into gap in study it is highly recommended that the students start their Canada study visa process well in advance.

How can I apply for offer letter to study in Canada for January 2022 intake if my result is awaited?

The students have option to apply for the conditional offer letter. By applying for conditional offer letter students can secure their offer letter for study in Canada January 2022 intake. The offer letter would have a condition of your result awaited mark sheets and once the students have the result they may update the college and get unconditional offer letter.

What are the major intakes for Canada study visa?

Canada has major intakes of September and January where the students have choice to apply for courses suiting their career aspirations. There is May intake also but the options in May intake are not as vast as options the students have in January and September intakes. There are some colleges which have intakes in April or July but these are very limited. Check with your Canada study visa consultant about this.

Requirements to apply for Study in Canada January 2022 intake

International students aspiring to study in Canada in 2022 need to fulfil the following requirements

  • Proof of language proficiency IELTS OR PTE Academic. To successfully get Canada study visa international students must provide proof of their English Language capability. This is acceptable in form of IELTS or PTE Academic. The band score may vary depending on the English language requirements of the course. Check with your Study in Canada consultant for the course requirements
  • LOA- Letter of Acceptance from a DLI authorised to recruit international students. Students must take care that they have a LOA of a Designated Learning institute which has authorisation to recruit international students. If your DLI- Designated Learning institute is not authorised to recruit international stunts for study in Canada your visa application for Canada study visa will be refused
  • Fee payment. You need to pay your tuition fee for the course you have enrolled to study in Canada. Students have the option to pay a semester fees but to increase the chances of your Canada student visa application it is highly recommended that the students pay their tuition fees for one year and attach the receipt with the Canada student visa application.
  • GIC certificate- Guaranteed Income certificate of CAD $10000. Another important requirement is to prove that you have sufficient resources to support yourself while you are in Canada on study visa. One of the easiest ways to prove this is to have a GIC certificate. The amount of CAD $ 10000 which is already in your account in   Canada in form of GIC  is a very strong evidence that you have funds available for your living cost in Canada
  • Statement of purpose also known as letter of explanation. It is another very important document which must accompany your Canada student visa application. While assessing your study in Canada visa application the case officer looks into your intentions to apply for the visa. Letter of explanation is an excellent opportunity to convey your study goals to the case officer and hence increase the visa chance of your study permit to Canada.

Course duration options to apply for Study in Canada for January 2022 intake

Students can choose from a range of courses for their further education. Depending on your study goals as well as your budget the students may choose to do a course of shorter duration or a longer duration

Course Options for students who have done 12th or have a Diploma

  • Diplomas of duration of 2 years
  • Advanced Diplomas of duration of 3 years
  • Bachelor’s degree of 4 years
  • Associate degrees of 2 years

Course options for Graduates

  • Post Graduate Diplomas
  • Post Graduate Certificates
  • Graduate Certificates
  • Graduate Diplomas
  • Masters Degrees
  • Fast Track Programs
  • Diplomas with a specialisation relevant to the Bachelors course

Programs streams to apply for study in Canada January 2022 intake

International students may choose from range of program streams to apply for their Canada student visa for January 2022 intake. While there are many options available and the students may qualify to get admission in various courses they must keep in mind the relevancy of the course with their present academic background and any work experience they may have. It is of utmost importance as the success of your Canada study permit largely depends on your chosen course. If the course does not seem to be a logical progression of your background then there is chance of your Canada student visa refusal. Some of the popular courses among international students are

  • Business
  • Computer science
  • IT
  • Business and finance
  • Engineering
  • engineering management
  • Renewable energy
  • Physical sciences
  • Agriculture science
  • Bio science
  • Hospitality
  • Media and journalism
  • Psychology
  • Human resources

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