New Zealand finding-out the ways to tackle with gender disparity of males

The rapidly increasing number of immigration to New Zealand is helping to lessen the gender disparity of males termed as man drought.  If compare the ratio of males and females the number of males has been decreased in recent years which has become the reason of anger amongst New Zealanders. The shortage of eligible males has been blamed for several issues.

The fact of gender disparity was made public by the census of 2013. It showed that for the adult population at the age of 15+years, there were just 92 males for every 100 females in New Zealand. Age between 25-49 years, the ratio was far worse. It was 91 men for every 100 women.

The issue of disparity of males is not uniform entire New Zealand.  If we talk about North Island, the male to female ratio for age range 25-49 years was 86 to 100. In Canterbury, It was 96-100, as quoted by the Stuff of Co. NZ.

Since 2013 the population of New Zealand was boomed and grown by 400,000 individuals which had a great positive impact on NZ gender disparity of males.

The latest statistics have disclosed that as of now for every 100 women in the age range of 25 to 49 years there are 95 males. In the past 5 years, 3 males for every100 women had been increased. From 2013 March to 2017 December, the number of males in the earlier mentioned age group boosted by 86000. In the meantime, the number of women is enhanced by 63000.  Total 2300 males over females is a net addition. Therefore, the figures have provided some hopes to those who have been affected by the man drought in the country. However, the exact difference will be disclosed only when the 2018 Census outcomes will be published that are underway now.

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