Quebec Merit Scholarship Program for Foreign Students

Quebec Merit Scholarship Program for Foreign Students


Quebec Merit Scholarship program is aimed at supporting foreign students through the scholarship program also known as PBEEE. The program is to support internationalization of research programs in Quebec’s academic institutes of higher education. It is catered to attract the best academic talent of researchers and students and promote Transfer of Technologies (CCTT) from Quebec universities and college centers.

The program ensures development of higher education through CCTT and ensuring that cultural link between foreign students and the development of scientific research projects.

The program is instrumental for MEES to support the Quebec Government’s scientific policy. Which is to, bring in newer developments in scientific fields hence become beneficial in increasing prosperity in Quebec.


Question: Who can apply for Quebec Merit Scholarship program?


  1. This scholarship is for foreign students and researchers from all research streams such as health, humanities, social sciences, arts and literature, natural sciences and engineering.


  1. The merit scholarship program for foreign students has 3 components


  • Doctoral Research Scholarships

 You receive $25000 a year. The duration is 3 years with an extension possibility for 1 year additionally. Also, you get a monthly allowance of $1000.


  • Post Doctoral Scholarships

For this you can receive $35000 for one year however there is no renewability for the same.


  • Short-term research or professional development scholarships

For short term research or professional development scholarships you get $3000 for a period up to 4 months.



Question: What is the eligibility criterion for Quebec Merit Scholarship Program?

  1. You would be required to meet all the eligibility conditions at the closing date of the competition.
  2. You need to possess excellent in university record.
  3. You also need to have an aptitude for research and relevant research experience.
  4. Also you should have been preselected by a university or Synchronex. (A college level technology transfer centre or CCTT)
  5. You should not have already received a merit scholarship for foreign students from MEES, FRQNT or FRQSC.
  6. You cannot be a Canadian citizen or PR of Canada to avail the scholarship.
  7. Also you must not have applied for Canada PR status under Canadian Immigration law.
  8. In case you have a double doctoral degree you would not be eligible.,


Question: What are the mandatory requirements for academic scholars?

  1. Doctoral research scholarship applicants need to have a CAQ or certificate of acceptation to Quebec and a study permit by Canadian government for the duration of their scholarship.
  2. Post-Doctoral scholarship applicants need to have a work permit issued by Canadian government for the duration of their scholarship.
  3. Short term research or professional development scholarship applicant need to have a temporary resident visa or travel authorization to come to Canada.


The Quebec Merit Scholarship is open yearly and the Quebec Merit Scholarship for 2021-2022 are current open.


Question: What is the application program for Quebec Merit Scholarship Program?

  1. To apply and get initially selected by CCTT it is wise to apply early to the program.
  2. You would be required to meet the requirements of the program and submit an application for Quebec Merit Scholarship for foreign students.
  3. Along with the application form you would be required to a copy of identification page of a valid passport from your home country.
  4. Also transcripts for your university records. Diplomas, Certificates, Bachelors, Masters and PhD all records are required.
  5. For publication of research papers and articles you would need acknowledgement of receipt from editor of the articles accepted for publication.




So, in a nutshell a Quebec Merit Scholarship is a lucrative option for talented and aspiring Indian students who wish to study in Quebec under the Quebec Merit Scholarship program. With benefits of study in Canada program and numerous opportunities for students during and post completion of studies you can highly benefit from the merit scholarship program.


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