Reapplying after refusal of Canada study visa - Pointers to keep in mind

Reapplying after refusal of Canada study visa: Pointers to keep in mind


Consider the following situation-

Raman applied for a Canada study visa for winter intake. He had scored first division scores in commerce stream without mathematics and wanted to apply for a degree in cost accounting in Canada at one of the reputed universities. He submitted the documents required for his application and was waiting in excitement for his Canada study visa but was faced with REFUSAL. What could be the reason? He could not justify how his previous education without mathematics can support his current program need. Now he has decided to reapply and the first thing his Canada education consultant advised was to find a match between his previous education and a current course he wishes to apply.



Students planning on applying for Canada study visa after refusal are mostly worried about how to make their application seem perfect for reapplying. First of all, you need to stop worrying that you do not have another chance. While reapplying, make sure that you are able to justify the reason and have documents for which the first time your study visa for Canada was refused.



For most applicants, applying for a Canada study visa is a simple process but sometimes it can become a challenge. Students think that letter of acceptance (LOA) is the hardest part of the pre-study abroad process but getting a Canada study visa is even more difficult.



For student having their Canada study visa application refused is disheartening but no reason to give up. Your Canada educational consultant in Chandigarh can assist you in reapplying after refusal of Canada study visa.


Here are some pointers you can keep in mind before reapplying for refusal of a Canada study visa:


  1. Include Letter of Acceptance



  1. Your Letter of Acceptance (LOA) is one of the main requirements for applying for Canada study visa.
  2. Make sure that you receive LOA from your designated learning institute (DLI). Your college/university in Canada should be registered as a DLI amd have a DLI registration number.
  3. Along with your LOA make sure you that attach all the documents attached as proof of minimum requirements are enough to convince your case officer as entry requirement.
  4. Consult your best Canada education consultant in Chandigarh for seeking advice on the documents required to be attached for your Canada study visa.


  1. Financial sufficiency


  1. Your proof of financial funds is an important requirement regardless of whether you apply in SDS or Non-SDS category.
  2. Although proof of funds required is for first year of Canada study abroad program.
  3. But often it is notice that your case officer refuse Canada study visa application in case it is felt that you would be unable to pay for your study program and stay in Canada.
  4. You can make sure while you are reapplying after refusal of Canada study visa that you do not just focus on the minimum funds required.
  5. Consult your Canada educational consultants in Chandigarh that can guide you on the additional documents supporting the finances for more than one year along with additional documents.



  1. Study Program



  1. It is always advised that your choice of Canada study program should match with your past education or work experience. For example- You studied non-medical subjects in 10+2 and now wish to opt for a fashion designing course. Such a case can create a problem.
  2. You can address this issue by including a personal statement for the choice of program you are selecting.
  3. Other applicants whose study program matches the previous education and work experience should attach relevant documents along with your study in Canada application.


  1. English language test scores




  1. For Indian students planning to study in Canada English language test scores –IELTS/TOEFL/PTE are required.
  2. Make sure you check the minimum English language score requirement for the category you are applying in.
  3. For the SDS category you need a minimum of IELTS 6 in each module.
  4. For the non-SDS category, you can apply with 5.5 in one of the modules along with an overall 6. This is the minimum IELTS test score requirement.
  5. Along with meeting the IELTS requirement for your program, you need to meet the other program requirements also.


  1. Incomplete travel documents and history



  1. Make sure you have a valid passport and any blank spaces in your travel history are supported with proof of evidence to cover these time periods.
  2. Also, make sure your government IDs are verifiable and are clear and easily readable for ensuring that you do not face the refusal of a Canada study visa.
  3. Without valid travel documents and history, the chances of refusal of a Canada study visa are increased as it becomes difficult for your case officer to understand your application.
  4. Consult your Canada education consultant in Chandigarh to check the documents required for Canada study visa.



  1. Intention to Return to home country



  1. Another important factor for refusal of Canada study visa application is that the Canada study permit is a temporary visa and therefore your stay in Canada is for the time duration of your course.
  2. Your study permit has validity and you would be required to submit enough proof that you have clear intention to return to your home country.
  3. However, this does not mean that you cannot extend your study visa or obtain a PR. Make sure in your detailed personal statement you address this point of clear intention.



  1. Job opportunities in the home country



  1. As an applicant of Canada study visa you should justify in your personal statement that you have sufficient employment opportunities in your own country after completing study in Canada.
  2. In case you lack a job opportunity in your country this a strong indicator that you do not plan to return to your own country.
  3. This is another reason for refusal and should be consulted with your Canada educational consultant in Chandigarh prior to reapplying after refusal of Canada study visa.




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