Register as a nurse in New Zealand with BSc nursing from India

If you are nurse in India and hold a BSc nursing degree then it is an excellent opportunity for you to work as a nurse in New Zealand. Nursing is a profession which is highly in demand across the globe and New Zealand is no exception .New Zealand is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. It has got a very safe environment and high living standards .So it’s an excellent place for nurses who hold the qualification and experience to register themselves as nurse in New Zealand and work over there.

Requirements to register as a nurse in New Zealand

  • There certain requirements which one must meet in order to be successful in the registration process with Nursing Council of New Zealand
  • The qualification you must have is BSC nursing which is a four years program in India. This is the first and foremost requirement to register as a nurse in New Zealand. The degree of four years from India may be equivalent to a New Zealand qualification at level 7 of NZQF that is New Zealand qualification framework
  • Another requirement you must meet is of current registration in your home country as a nurse with nursing Board of your home country. This is another requirement. You must also be registered to work with nursing Board of any other country where you may be presently working. Let’s say that you have done your BSc nursing from India and registered with a nursing board council in India and after that you got a job somewhere outside of your country and are working there as a nurse . You are required to be registered with the Nursing Council of that particular country where you are working .This is the requirement nurses from India must meet in order to successfully register themselves as a nurse in New Zealand.
  • Another requirement is of having a English language ability. You need to have a certain level of English language ability to register yourself as a nurse in New Zealand .the applicants can show this by giving an English test and having IELTS band score of 7 in all of the four modules that is reading, listening, writing and speaking. Equivalent scores in OET  that is occupational English test is also acceptable by New Zealand Nursing Council
  • The fourth requirement is of having a work experience. Along with doing your BSc in nursing and registering as a nurse with the nursing board in your country you must have a work experience of at least two years in the last five years. This is the work experience requirement. Applicant must note that the work experience gained after registration as a nurse is acceptable requirement of work experience.

If you meet these requirements then you may apply for the initial assessment for registration as a nurse with of New Zealand nursing council.

Steps involved in this process of registration as nurse in New Zealand

To know about steps involved in the process you may contact LIA- licensed immigration adviser who are qualified and authorised to advise you about the program requirements and the visa requirements.

So after you complete this requirements you start the process of registration with Nursing Council of New Zealand .Once the Nursing Council of New Zealand assesses your application to register and work as a nurse in New Zealand they may require to do you a CAP program that is competency assessment program.

The duration of this competency assessment program that is about 8 to 12 weeks. Students need to travel to New Zealand to do this CAP program. After successfully completing this competency assessment course program they finally complete their registration process with New Zealand Nursing Council and after that are registered with the board and can work as a nurse in New Zealand.