Registration process for nurses in New Zealand 2022

Do 2 to 3 months CAP course in New Zealand. Become a registered nurse and work in New Zealand. New Zealand CAP program is a very attractive course for international qualified and registered nurses. By doing only doing a 3 months course in New Zealand overseas registered nurses can register and work in New Zealand.

Below is the step by step procedure explained in detail by a New Zealand LIA in Chandigarh

To be registered as a nurse in New Zealand you need to meet certain requirements and then follow certain steps for the registration process as a nurse in New Zealand. By completing CAP program successfully overseas registered nurses can register and work in New Zealand.

Firstly the nurses must check if they meet the requirements to start the initial registration process with New Zealand nursing council.

The basic 4 requirements to be met by internationally qualified nurses to register in New Zealand

First requirement – Nursing qualification

Applicants must have a nursing qualification which is equivalent to a level 7 qualification in New Zealand. In India the qualification equivalent would be Bachelors degree in nursing

Second requirement- Current registration as a nurse

It is not only enough to have a Bachelors degree in nursing. You must also have been registered as a nurse in a country where you received your qualification. Along with this you must also   be currently registered as a nurse in that or any other country

Third requirement – Work experience

Having work experience is the third requirement.  Here the applicants must note that the work experience must be post registration. Moreover it must be of at least 2 years in the last 5 years.

Fourth requirement -English language ability

Applicants must provide an evidence of their English language ability. They may do this by providing English language test like Academic IELTS or OET which is occupational English test. Applicants need to have IELTS band score of 7 in each of the four modules of IELTS. The OET score required is 350 for each band.

A New Zealand licensed immigration Adviser can guide to about the requirements thoroughly. Applicants need to understand the requirements very carefully so that their application might be successful. In case you are looking for New Zealand in Chandigarh you may contact Ms Parwinder Kaur NZ  LIA  at West Highlander who has solid experience in dealing with New Zealand visas.

Steps to register as a nurse in New Zealand

Overseas qualified nurses need to follow the below 10 steps to complete their registration as a nurse with New Zealand Nursing Council.

First step- Document verification by CGFNS

To start initial registration process the applicants need to send their application to CGFNS for document verification. There is a fee at this stage which the applicants pay the CGFNS. The documents are required to be sent in a specific format. A New Zealand LIA can guide you about the process.

Second step- Send CGFNS report to nursing council New Zealand

Once the CGFNS completes its process of documentation verification you need to request to send its report to nursing council of New Zealand and then the nursing council starts its process which is the second step in the process of registration of overseas nurses in New Zealand.

Third step- Apply to New Zealand nursing Council

Once the Nursing Council of New Zealand receives CGFNS report it sends an invitation to complete the registration process. The applicants complete their application at this stage. There is a fee associated at this point which needs to be paid to the nursing council for the application process.

Forth step- Assessment by Nursing Council New Zealand

The nursing Council of New Zealand assess your application against the 4 requirements explained above. At this point the applicants are required to provide a criminal history check which is one of the registration requirements as a nurse in New Zealand.

Fifth step- Decision by Nursing Council

The nursing council gives a decision on your application and may ask you do a CAP program which is competency assessment program before registering as a nurse in New Zealand.

Sixth step – Apply for CAP program

Once you receive a notification from nursing council of New Zealand directing you do a CAP program the next step is to take admission in CAP program. Students need to find a seat in a college in New Zealand for CAP program and apply for admission

Seventh step- Gather visa documentation

Once the applicants receive offer of a place in a CAP program in New Zealand they need to start the process of gathering visa documentation to do CAP program in New Zealand. It is not a normal visitor visa. It is a visitor visa for occupational registration in New Zealand .Applicants need to submit range of documentation in support of their application for occupational registration in New Zealand. The documentation required may be

  • Offer of a place to do CAP – Competency assessment program
  • Tuition fee receipt
  • Funds to support your stay in New Zealand
  • Passport copies of all passports held till date
  • Your qualification certificates
  • Your work experience documents
  • Your English language ability documents
  • Your medical Certificate
  • Your PCC
  • Your statement of purpose

Eight step -Submit visa application online with immigration New Zealand

After the applicants have gathered all the documentation they submit the application online. There is a visa associated at this stage of the process which the applicants need to pay to INZ

Ninth step- Travel to New Zealand

Once you successfully get your visa to do CAP program in New Zealand the next step is to travel to New Zealand and complete the CAP program

Tenth step- Complete CAP program and complete registration process

After you have successfully completed the competency assessment program for nurses in New Zealand the last step of the process starts. You complete your registration process with nursing council of New Zealand and become a registered nurse in Nurse. Now you can work in New Zealand.

Apply for CAP program through West Highlander LIA Parwinder Kaur having experience and expertise in dealing with CAP courses visas.