Saskatchewan Immigration Occupation List 2021

Saskatchewan Immigration Occupation List 2021

Last Updated on April 29, 2021 by West Highlander Team

Saskatchewan is one of the leading provinces welcoming immigrants who wish to apply for Canada PR. Agriculture, export and onshore produce are few of the many economies supporting the Canadian economy via the province and as a result has witnessed a growing number of employments to satisfy the need of Saskatchewan’s labor market. Saskatchewan Immigration nomination program or Saskatchewan PNP as it is commonly known as offers prospective applicants for Canada PR with a highly lucrative option.

 Saskatchewan Immigration Nomination Program 

  1. Saskatchewan has its individual labor market and due to the booming economy requires qualified, skilled and experienced workers who could fill the requirements of the Saskatchewan’s economy.
  2. Saskatchewan PNP or SINP is a beneficial option for candidates planning to settle in Canada with Canada PR.
  3. In case your job or experience is as per Saskatchewan Immigration Occupation List 2021 levels and you can satisfy the requirements of SINP then you could be nominated by the province and apply for Canada PR on successfully checking all boxes.
  4. You could apply for Saskatchewan immigration as an international skilled worker- Saskatchewan Express entry.

Saskatchewan Express Entry

  1. Under Saskatchewan Express Entry if your profile is already listed in the Canada express entry system and you plan to apply to the province of Saskatchewan and express your interest (EOI) to settle and live in the province permanently then this program is a lucrative option for you.
  2. Once you meet the requirements of Saskatchewan express entry and your job is listed in the Saskatchewan Immigration Occupation list 2021 you could be directed towards a Canada PR.
  3. Your Canada immigration consultant in Chandigarh can completely guide and assist you in completing all the formalities of the Saskatchewan Immigration nomination program.
  4. Once you receive a nomination by the province of Saskatchewan you would be receive 600 bonus CRS points for your profile and your chances of Canada PR are maximized.

Requirements of Saskatchewan Express Entry

Following are the requirements for Saskatchewan Express Entry 2021 program:

  1. Your profile should be in the express entry system. In express entry your profile is valid in the system for 2 years.
  2. For Federal skilled worker under Canada Express entry system to apply for Canada PR you need CLB 7 language proficiency which is IELTS Reading 6, Writing 6, Listening 6 and Speaking 6 too.
  3. The minimum level of education required is post secondary or 12th grade however to claim more points higher education is appreciated.
  4. Your skills should be in the Saskatchewan’s Immigration occupation list 2021 under NOC level O, A or B.
  5. You need a minimum one year of work experience which should reflect the occupation which you are applying in under Saskatchewan’s immigration occupation list 2021.
  6. Other than this you need to show financial funding for yourself and your spouse if accompanying you.

You would be required to score 60 points for Saskatchewan Immigration nomination program; there is no requirement for job offer or investment requirement.


1.       Abundance of Job Opportunities

  1. Saskatchewan has the lowest unemployment rates in Canada.
  2. Rate of unemployment is as low as 3.9% whereas national average is approximately 7%.
  3. As numerous startups and companies are settling in the area, unemployment rate continues is relatively low which makes Saskatchewan immigration nomination program highly effective and popular among Indians.

2.       Generous Salaries

  1. For more than half a decade, the average weekly earnings have been around $970 which makes Canada one of the best countries in the country.
  2. Another advantage is that the salaries have been growing every year despite various global issues.

3.       Vivacious Economic Growth and Population

  1. Few of the fastest growing cities in the country include Regina and Saskatoon is situated in Saskatchewan.
  2. Saskatoon is the second fastest promising cities in Canada with a steady year after year growth rate of over 4%.

4.       Favorable Immigration Policies and Help

  1. Every year Saskatchewan welcomes more than 9000 immigrants from more than 180 nations globally.
  2. Due to the province’s friendly policy SINP has seen a lot of people with experience and jobs that are high in demand as per Saskatchewan Immigration Occupation list 2021

Saskatchewan Immigration Occupation List 2021

 Most Invited/in-Demand Occupation in Saskatchewan, 2020-2021

  1. Human resource professionals (NOC 0112)
  2. Information system analyst and consultants (NOC 2171)
  3. Database analyst and data administrators(NOC 2172)
  4. Drafting technologists and technicians (NOC 2253)
  5. Aircraft Mechanics and Aircraft inspectors (NOC 7315)
  6. Financial managers (NOC 0111)
  7. Other administrative service managers (NOC 0114)
  8. Banking credit and other investment managers (NOC 0122)
  9. Agriculture managers (NOC 0821)
  10. Other Financial Officers (NOC 1114)
  11. Administrative Officers (NOC 1221)
  12. Administrative Assistants (NOC 1221)
  13. Accounting Technicians and book keepers (NOC 1311)
  14. Computer programmers and Interactive media developers (NOC 2174)
  15. Architecture Technologists and technicians (NOC 2251)
  16. Financial Sales representatives (NOC 6235)
  17. Bakers (NOC 6332)
  18. Automotive service technicians, Truck and Bus mechanics and Mechanical repairs (NOC 7321)
  19. Senior managers- financial Communicators and other business services (NOC 0013)
  20. Senior managers – healthcare, education and social community (NOC 0014)
  21. Senior managers – Construction, Transportation and production utilities (NOC 0016)
  22. Purchasing Managers (NOC 0113)
  23. Other administrative service managers (NOC 0114)
  24. Insurance, real Estate and financial brokerage mangers (NOC 0121)
  25. Advertising marketing and Public relations managers (0124)
  26. Web Designers and Developers (NOC 2174)
  27. Nurse Aides, orderlies and patient service associates (NOC 3413)
  28. Home Support workers and related occupations (NOC 4412)

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