Why Immigrate to Canada: Benefits


People planning to immigrate to Canada would like to know the benefits the country is going to offer. It is a huge decision for people planning to move base as one would be investing a lot more than just their time and money. Canada can bring about a huge positive difference to your lifestyle and living standards. The country has a lot of benefits to offer such as a safe and clean environment, a highly accessible and well developed public transport system, medical and healthcare facilities, leading institutes for education, global names to be associated with for employment, recreational and cultural opportunities to lead an overall satisfying life.

A few of the major benefits for people who plan to immigrate to Canada are:



Standard Of Living



  1. The first and foremost reason for anyone planning to immigrate to Canada is the quality of living standard.
  2. Canada has been in top ranks in the UN quality of life ranking and human development index.
  3. According to a report out of 140 cities that were evaluated for the most livable cities globally by The Economist Intelligence: Vancouver, Toronto and Calgary are among the top five.
  4. High standard of living is just one of the many reasons for you to plan Canada immigration.



Medical Benefits



  1. The state funded healthcare is something you can take access to and another benefit of Canada immigration.
  2. Canada offers state funded healthcare facilities that have provided people from all age groups to have access to quality medical and healthcare facilities without having to worry about the huge costs they have to pay.
  3. In case you are a Canadian citizen or have a Canada PR then basic healthcare is completely cost free!
  4. This is one of the many benefits for aspiring immigrants planning to get on the path of Canada immigration.



Safety and Security



  1. Canada immigration offers accessibility to safe and clean environment.
  2. Canada has been named the world’s most peaceful country by the The Economist for several areas.
  3. In terms of personal freedom the country has been ranked number 2 by Legatum Global Prosperity Index.
  4. So, for those planning to move here safety is a huge priority and safety counts has a major factor for immigrating to Canada.


Upward Economy


  1. Numerous career opportunities and conducive working conditions is one of the many benefits of immigrating to Canada.
  2. Canada’s economy has grown tremendously in the last decade.
  3. According to data from World Bank and International Monetary Fund, Canada ranks among top 25 richest countries and is ranked at 20 with per capita GDP of $45.981.
  4. Other than this it is one of the most powerful countries being part of G8 and the organization for economic co-operation and development (OECD).
  5. There are numerous global organizations where one can proudly benefit with employment opportunities once opting for immigrate to Canada programs.


Immigration Friendly


  1. Canada is one such country which welcomes immigrants with open hands and is highly immigrant friendly.
  2. Nearly 20% of Canadian population of 35 million is from foreign land and this has made the country a multicultural land.
  3. The diverse cultures and communities is one of the many reasons why people undoubtedly choose to immigrate to Canada and look for Canada PR options.
  4. The tolerant and welcoming Canada government’s policy and requirement of Canadian labor markets for talented and skilled employees has made Canada a top choice for immigration.
  5. In the social capital sub-index Canada has ranked number 2 for personal freedom, rank 3 for business environment and social capital out of 149 countries examined by Legatum Institute.



Prominent Educational Institutions



  1. The educational benefits are a major reason for people to migrate to Canada. The country has excellent education system providing quality education to its residents.
  2. The public and private education systems, both in Canada offer top quality educational facilities.
  3. Till 12th grade public schools offer free education to students as they are government funded.
  4. Further, Canadian public colleges and universities offer education at substantially low tuition cost.
  5. Numerous leading global educational names such as McGill University, University of Toronto and University of British Columbia are situated in Canada.



Employment Opportunities



  1. In terms of business environment Legatum Global Prosperity index Canada was ranked 3rd out of 149 nations.
  2. Business environment sub index provides calculative measures on the country’s entrepreneurial environment including barriers to innovation, labor market flexibility and business infrastructure.
  3. So people planning to immigrate to Canada can always avail great employment opportunities regardless from which walk of life they belong.



   Natural splendor




  1. The natural beauty of the country is another attractive benefits of Canada immigration.
  2. Canada has scenic beautifies such as Niagara Falls, Banff National Park, Prince Edward Island, Laurentian Mountains, Capilano River area.
  3. Other than this the country offers numerous recreational parks and in province sightseeing opportunities which can benefit immigrants to spend quality time with their loved ones.







Immigrate to Canada:  Options



  1. There are numerous Canada PR programs which are manageable and offer quicker application processing time.
  2. Canada express entry program offers fast track Canada immigration for skilled workers. Your skill would be ranked on the CRS system and applicants who have the top express entry profiles get Canada PR.
  3. Canada Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) is another program under which if you wish to settle with Canada PR in a particular province and have the required skills and talents as per the province’s labor market then the state/province can nominate you on successfully completing the PNP requirements.




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