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Several Reasons Why Your Visa May get Rejected

Why Apply for Visa?

You get ample number of opportunities to apply for visa in foreign countries. Every year millions of people apply for US but unfortunately not all of them are granted visas. You get good opportunity to immerse yourself in foreign culture, education and lifestyle during your stay in abroad for various reasons.  There are a number of reasons that can be held responsible for the visa rejection.

Top Reasons of Visa Rejection 

The experts of west Highlander, in this article have shared several top reasons why your visa may get rejected. West Highlander is the best immigration consultants in Chandigarh. 

  • Going Unprepared: – Going unprepared for the visa interview is one of main reasons why your visa may get rejected.  You must always check the latest information on the government websites and also refer to reliable resources to stay updated about the current changes in the visa processing.  This way you can prepare yourself with regards to the current changes.
  • Wrong Visa: – Another prominent mistake that most of the individuals make is applying for the wrong visa. Depending upon the type of visa you are applying for, the requirements and eligibility of the visa may differ.  You must always double check that you are applying for proper visa.  Ensure that you fulfill all the requirements for that particular visa type.  Since standards for each visa may differ, therefore, do not make assumptions.
  • Incorrect Information:- Providing incomplete and fake information can also cause your visa application to get rejected.  You must always go with accurate, verifiable and up-to-date information. A small mistake on your end can prove out to be a big turn off for the visa officer and ultimately your visa application may get rejected.
  • Ineffective communication: – Not clear in communication due to various reasons such as language barrier, accents or dialects can also lead to visa refusal.  If you do not understand what an interviewer is saying, do not hesitate to ask the interviewer to slow down, repeat or explain what he is saying.
  • Disrespectful to the Interviewer: – You must always show humbleness and courtesy to the interviewer.  Failing to show respect to the interviewer can also lead your visa application to get refused.  Going with a messy appearance also show lack of seriousness.

Why Choose West Highlander?

Those were several reasons that can lead your visa application to get rejected.  We at, West Highlander prepare our clients for the visa interview so that their chances of success of can be enhanced.  We also help them prepare their documents so that they do no face troubles. We have been into the business from last 15 years and have been passing exceptional services to the clients.  We are the best immigration consultants in Chandigarh.