Study in Canada after graduation choose a course showing academic progression after B.A, B.Com, BBA, BCA

Study in Canada is a dream for many international students because of its attractive policies for Canada study visa holders.
To Study in Canada after graduation students need to choose a course which shows academic progression of their current academics and any work experience they may have for their study in Canada as per their subject combination in graduation.  To study in Canada after graduation students may choose to do Masters Courses in Canada, PG diploma in Canada.  Below are the programs to study in Canada after graduation .Students may choose to do PG Diploma in Canada, graduate certificate of duration 2 semesters. Some of these programs are available for duration of 4 semesters. There is also option for 3 semester courses.
Courses in Canada after B.Com for Canada study visa

  • Accounting and financial practice
  • Strategic Management accounting
  • Professional accounting
  • Fraud examination and forensic accounting
  • Insurance Management
  • Insurance and risk management
  • Financial services
  • Financial planning
  • Human resource management
  • International business management
  • Marketing management
  • Global business management
  • Advance business management
  • Entrepreneurship management
    Commerce background students have range of relevant options for Courses in Canada after B.Com. These students may opt for Masters in Finance in Canada if they qualify for direct admission in the program.
    Courses in Canada after BCA

  • Information technology infrastructure
  • Information technology solutions
  • IT business analysis
  • IT innovation and design
  • IT network security
  • Project management information technology
  • Geographic information systems
  • Cloud computing
    Above programs related to IT are best suited Courses in Canada after BCA
    Courses in Canada after BSC medical

  • Environmental management and assessment
  • Biotechnology
  • Environmental technology
  • Advanced water systems operations and management
  • Applied planning environmental
  • Conservation and environmental law enforcement
  • Environmental monitoring and impact assessment
  • Ecosystem restoration
  • Sustainable waste management
  • Aquaculture
  • Community and health services
    Students looking for courses in Canada after BSC medical can choose from above programs which are relevant to their graduation
    Courses in Canada after BSc non medical

  • Digital communication management
  • Information technology infrastructure
  • Operations management
  • Environmental technician
  • Environmental technology
  • Financial planning
  • Financial services client services
  • Financial services compliance administration
    The students with Subject combination of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics have range of discipline for Courses in Canada after BSc non medical
    Courses in Canada after BBA
    BBA graduates can opt from number of PG Diploma in Canada options related to Marketing, Finance, business management, operations management, entrepreneurship. Masters in Finance is another option which BBA degree holders of 4 years duration can avail. Other courses in Canada after BBA to opt for are courses in insurance and risk management, HR management. MBA program is directly relevant to their BBA.
    Courses in Canada after BA

  • Global hospitality business development
  • Global hospitality operations management
  • Global hospitality services leadership
  • Sustainable business management
  • Human resource management
  • Marketing management
  • Business management
  • Insurance and risk management
    These are the courses in Canada after BA. Students may also choose to do Master in hospitality management if they qualify for the admission to study in Canada. Students who do not have background in hospitality may not directly qualify for admission but may be eligible through some pathway program for Masters in hospitality management.
    To study in Canada after graduation and increase the chances of Canada study visa students must choose a relevant course showing the study progression. Depending on your budget, interest and subject to admission requirements you may opt for Masters in Canada, PG Diploma in Canada. The admission requirements for Masters Courses in Canada may vary. To be acceptable in Masters in Canada students need to have a 4 year degree course.