UK Tier 4 Student-Dependent Visa Guide

Students applying for their TIER 4 Student Visa to the UK have got many questions regarding the visas of their Dependents- Spouses and Children. Below are the questions which students aspiring to Study in the UK may have. The answers to these questions have been provided by experts having more than 14 years of experience in student visa processing for the UK. These experts are certified by British Council. These experts have till date sent a good number of students along with their spouse to the UK.

  • Question 1   Who can bring their spouse and children in the UK while the student is on a Student Visa?

Answer      If you are going to study a course which is at Level 7 of the qualification register then your spouse and dependents can accompany you to UK.

  • Question 2   Can the spouse apply at the same time along with the Tier 4 UK student visa?

Answer      Yes! Your spouse can apply at the same time while you apply for a student visa.

  • Question 3 What are the documents required supporting the dependent visa application for the UK?

Answer  You need to have funds and your relationship-proofs like Marriage Certificate and other documents. These proofs should make evident that you have lived together. These are required to apply for your spouse visa application to the UK.

  • Question 4 How old should be your funds in order to apply for Dependent of a Tier 4 student visa.

Answer You need to have the funds held for 28 days in your bank account.

  • Question 5 Is the spouse of a Tier 4 Student Visa Holder allowed to work in the UK?

Answer  Yes! the dependent spouse of a TIER 4 student visa holder can work in UK.

  • Question 6   Is schooling free for dependent children of a TIER 4 student in the UK?

Answer  Yes! while you are in UK your school going dependents have access to free schooling.

Above are the answers to the common questions applicants may have regarding their visa as a dependent of a UK student visa holder. Every case is unique and the relationship documents which are very important for the approval of your dependent visa application to UK vary by case to case. For proper and accurate assessment of your application consult the experts at West Highlander having years of experience in dealing student and spouse cases.