Study in UK without IELTS

Study in UK without IELTS

Studying in United Kingdom is one of the leading names among students after USA. Being a home to highest number of academic institutes and Universities offering state of the art courses and teaching methodology along with elite faculty there is no denying the numbers of Indians who plan to study in UK. Further, with the introduction of point based immigration based on similar lines as Canada and Australia the boom is going to be witnessed in UK study abroad programs.

A major concern among international students is the requirement of IELTS test score prior to applying for any new course abroad. Well! Here is some good news for all the international students. It is definitely possible to study in UK without IELTS.

IELTS being a standardized test to check your proficiency in English language for candidates whose mother tongue is not English is certainly not the benchmark anymore to study in UK. There are several study programs in UK offered by Universities which you could opt as long as you are able to show your proficiency in English. The reason for proving your proficiency in English is important as course works both in UK and other English speaking nations are delivered in the language. Your stay in UK for study reasons would be comfortable provided you have a hang of the language.

Here are complete details on how you can go about fulfilling your dream of study in UK without IELTS:

Which Universities accept student enrollment without IELTS?

There are several leading Universities which can accept you without IELTS. However, you should check the requirements and courses offered by Universities in UK. Several Universities can give you conditional offer provided you have excellent verbal and written English language skills and percentage of marks meet the criteria set by the Universities.

  1. Birmingham City University
  2. The University of Bristol
  3. Sheffield Hallam University
  4. University of Warwick
  5. London Southbank University
  6. Northumbria University
  7. Robert Gordon University
  8. The University of Bolton
  9. University of Plymouth
  10. University of Portsmouth
  11. Swansea University
  12. University of Greenwich
  13. University of Central Lancashire
  14. Aston University


What conditions do I need to fulfill to study in UK without IELTS?

      Your class X and XII English language scores


  • There are several universities which consider English competence based on the scores of class 10th and 12th to waive off IELTS.


  • In case you have a score of 60% or above in standard 10th and 12th then admission to several UK universities is possible without IELTS.



  • In many cases it would be just your 12th English language score that would be required.


Previous study from an English Medium School


  • If you were part of an English Medium School throughout your academic life and had overall good grades plus the instructions in your school were delivered in English it is possible that you may not have to give IELTS to study in UK.


Based on Telephonic or Video Interviews


  • Most Universities prior to taking the final decision on your application to study in UK without IELTS would prefer speaking to you.


  • Be it a telephonic interview or Skype interview usually conducted at your nearest test centre assesses your proficiency with the language.



  • In the interview sessions your interviewer would be able to determine your competence and hold of the language.


  • As long as you are able to impress the interviewer with your language capabilities and knowledge you do stand a chance that you could study in UK without IELTS.

What are the benefits of studying in UK?

  • Study in UK offers you a globally recognized degree which in return can bring you multiple work opportunities.


  • There is always the option of part time work opportunity while you are studying.



  • Post study work experience in leading and advanced organizations can build on to your portfolio.
  • You get ample opportunities for internships during your academic courses which gives you practical exposure.


  • Your spouse can apply and get visa along with you.


  • Further there are work rights available for the spouse.


  • The offer turnaround time is very quick and the visa application process time is also quick.


  • The financial requirements for Study in UK are easy.


  • Free education for school aged dependent children is also available.


With the new revision in UK study visa policy you could further apply for post study work visa on completion of your studies. Additionally the increase in points being granted for UK study visa is further beneficial for studying planning to study in UK. Moreover, your spouse could always apply with you with UK dependent visa.


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