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United Kingdom is one of the most admired study destinations internationally for international students planning on taking a study course abroad. UK offers outstanding architecture which offers international students a blend of historical experience along with their individual study experience. United Kingdom offers its top notch standards of teaching and 4 of 10 universities in QS world ranking are situated in UK. United Kingdom is one of the most preferred study destinations among Indian students who initially begin their application process with the assistance of UK study visa consultants in Chandigarh. With a legacy of quality education the four countries of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland makeup UK, along with well known universities of University of Cambridge, University of Oxford, Imperial College of London and University College London.



United Kingdom academic institutions rank among world class institutes all around the globe and is choice of thousands of Indian students. UK offers not only quality education but also the exposure of interacting and being part of diverse social circles comprising of students from different nationalities and multicultural backgrounds. One of the many reasons to opt for UK study visa consultants in Chandigarh is that they would guide you towards the best UK universities that are monitored by check mechanism to ensure quality standards of teaching, learning and research. For the same Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education is the governing body for ensuring high standards. In case you are looking to study in UK under a graduate or post-graduate course your best choice is to consult a UK study visa consultant in Chandigarh so to make the right program and college choice. There are many UK scholarships for Indian students planning to take on a study abroad program. Another reason for studying in UK is that students have liberty to be creative and develop their skills and confidence while studying.




Why study in UK?




  1. UK is among popular countries for higher studies. It offers vibrant and multi-cultural diversity. The country offers a multilingual and is cosmopolitan culture.
  2. A degree from UK is well recognized and respected globally. The educational system of UK is one of the oldest systems of education and succeeds in being neck to neck in global competition.
  3. UK gives numerous opportunities in different industries to being your career with. Study in UK prepares students to begin their career well ahead of time and get an early start with good remuneration.
  4. There are numerous well renowned institutes and subjects with programs which can cater to different interests of students. Numerous scholarships too are available for Indian students.
  5. For students planning to get ahead with higher studies there is an option of National Health Service which is available for study programs for more than 6 months. Your UK study visa consultants in Chandigarh can guide you with best study programs.







There are numerous options for international students planning to study in UK AS TIER 4 student. For studying in UK you need to choose a right and relevant course for study visa for UK application to be successful. There are wide options of courses available and you may choose course or study program as per your career pathway. For studying in a masters course which is of 13 months or less one is eligible for streamline processing. Your UK study visa consultants in Chandigarh can guide you for the same.





  1. To be eligible you need to have CAS letter or confirmation of acceptance of studies letter from a licensed sponsor TIER 4.
  2. Additionally you should have funds to pay for the tuition fees and cost of living in UK.
  3. You additionally need to have English level proficiency which can be waived off in case your previous education of 10th or 12th is in English and you can have Medium of Instruction document verified from school.
  4. Also you need to have 65% or above in the English subject to be eligible for waiving IELTS.
  5. Consult your UK study visa consultants in Chandigarh to know program eligibility for study in UK programs.





You can work while studying in UK as long as you are a TIER 4 general student sponsored by higher education institution for full time course.


Part time working hours are 20 hours per week for international student from TIER 4. In case your course is less than degree level at higher educational institute then you can work 10 hours per week. During vacations however you can work full time.








Another benefit of applying for studying in UK is the processing time for TIER 4 which is 20 working days maximum under correct filling application as advised by your UK study visa consultants in Chandigarh.






To sponsor your spouse or the dependent child you need to be registered at a higher educational institute on a course at level 7 or above. Your course duration should be more than 9 months and you need to provide proof of funds that you would be able to support the stay of any dependent planning to accompany you.





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