Study Livestock, Veterinary & Animal Science in New Zealand

New Zealand is a country with a huge agricultural base. About one-third of the country’s exports are from agricultural sector. Pastoral Farming, a segment of agriculture, is mainly concerned with producing livestock such as dairy farming, beef cattle, sheep for wool, etc. instead of growing crops. Pastoral farming has consumed a significant land area while land under horticulture is still on rise. There is a plethora of Livestock management companies in New Zealand that run the business of dairy farms, poultry farms, cattle ranches and related agribusiness, thus providing considerable scope in New Zealand in this sphere in comparison with other study abroad options.

Talking about Animal Science; the field is concerned with understanding the biology of animals that are kept under direct control of humans. The field emphasizes upon production as well as management of farm animals such as cattle, sheep, pigs horses and poultry. Widening the scope of the stream, companion and exotic animals are also considered and studied. The field open up career opportunities in areas like primary production, livestock trading and exporting companies, feed companies, consultancy, research and teaching.

Veterinary is a branch that deals with treatment, injuries and diseases of farm and domesticated animals. An ancient Indian physician and philosopher Shalihotra is the founder of veterinary sciences. Veterinary branch is highly regarded; hence future prospects are high in this industry.

Courses and career in Animal Science, Veterinary and Livestock Management in New Zealand

Massey University: To study in New Zealand, there are Bachelor of Veterinary Technology and Bachelor of Veterinary Science courses. Massey University is the sole provider of a Bachelor’s program in Veterinary education. The university also offers Bachelor of Science (Animal Science) course for those who love animals and aim to create a career that will let them deal with and improvise the life of animals. The students can opt for a career as a Vet or an Animal Scientist or can work with the companies that produce products concerning animals. The students having obtained degree in Veterinary course can earn about $58,000 according to New Zealand Veterinary Association. Upon receiving experience of three years, one can expect a whopping salary of $76,000 and even more in some areas of New Zealand.

There is steady rise in the number of Vet practitioners in New Zealand as there were 2,425 vets in 2011 while in 2016, there were 2,799 registered practitioners.

UCOL: The Indian students who have completed their senior secondary education and now planning to study abroad can opt for New Zealand Diploma in Veterinary Nursing (Level 6) course. This is a one year course which helps students attain specialization in the Nursing practice. The University College of Leaning (UCOL) provides facilities like animal handling labs, proficient staff members, and industry connections with local vet clinics and Veterinary Nursing Educational Standards Committee (VNESC).

Unitec Institute of Technology: The technical institute offers certificate to doctoral level courses in 130 programs which have a global standing. The institution provides education to about 20,000 students and is highly recognized. The courses relating to livestock include Bachelor of Applied Science (Animal management and Welfare) and NZ Diploma in Veterinary Nursing.

Southern Institute of Technology (SIT):  The institution is among the top technology institutions of New Zealand and provides various courses to study in New Zealand for international students. The institution provides for a Diploma course (Level 6) in Veterinary Nursing and Animal care. The course will make students skilled and proficient enough to enter the real work world. There are plenty of hands-on opportunities at SIT with five vets and a fully equipped clinic.

There are various other institutions to study in New Zealand and rewarding career opportunities on completion of the degree and diploma programs. For students planning to study abroad, New Zealand is a most sought after option owing to great career opportunities and likely treatment of international students. For more information, you can contact West Highlander Career Consultancy, an overseas education facilitator company to assist you and guide you in your application and study permit requirements. Ms Parwinder  Kaur, one of the key personnel of West Highlander is a licensed immigration adviser licensed by Immigration Adviser Authority – IAA, New Zealand and has till date successfully served hundreds of clients. All our services to the students as well as their spouses are free of cost. We facilitate the admission and visa process for the students as well as their spouses.