Study options for Overseas Students in Christchurch New Zealand

Christchurch is the largest and most beautiful city of South Island of New Zealand. It is the second mammoth manufacturing hub of the country with a huge infrastructural development. The agricultural industry is also one of the core industries and its agribusiness includes malting, seed development and dressing, wool and meat processing, small biotechnology operations from by-products and so on. Tourism is another major contributor to the economy of the city.
On the education front, the city has many secondary educational institutions while in tertiary sector, there is Ara Institute of Canterbury, Lincoln University, University of Canterbury, and University of Otago and so forth. These institutions have huge credibility and are placed on the top in institutional ranking. Let us know about their rankings, courses provided, special facilities, infrastructure, faculty, etc. in detail.

  • Ara Institute of Canterbury – It falls among the largest New Zealand Universities. Ara Institute of Canterbury has four campuses and more than a hundred courses to offer. The institution offers bachelor’s programs, certificate, diploma, doctoral, foundation, master’s course, etc. Various areas of study include accounting, management, nursing, business information systems, event management, human resource management, hospitality, entrepreneurship, marketing, engineering, supply chain, nutrition, architectural studies, etc. There are research and innovation opportunities as well. For study abroad aspirants, it is a promising option.
  • Lincoln University – The University was founded in 1854 and over the decades, has earned fame and name in education industry round the world. It has several campuses in Oasis, Rolling farmlands, wooded hilltops of southern Chester County in Pennsylvania. The students of the institution have earned name not only in professional programs but also in creative and entertainment fields including writers, comedians, film executives and directors. There are so many co-curricular opportunities at the institution and a very friendly environment in which international students can feel at home.
  • University of Canterbury – UC is known for providing outstanding foundation for a strong base to achieve excellent career. The institution has amazing campus, vibrant community, research facilities, laboratories, conventional infrastructure and what not. To study in New Zealand, the university offers courses in accounting, anthropology, astronomy, biochemistry, bio security, biotechnology, business economics, chemistry, computer science, computer engineering, forestry science, graphic design, etc. The faculty is highly specialized and is expert in providing career advice along with educating.
  • Aspire2 International – The international education institution has four campuses and offers 14 qualifications. They have actual world simulation opportunities which the institution has garnered to make students geared up to enter the professional world. The institution offers exceptional facilities at its Christchurch and Tauranga campus. It is a good opportunity for study abroad aspirants who aim to study in New Zealand.

Having learnt about some prominent institutions to study in New Zealand and that too in Christchurch, now you can plan accordingly in which university you want to study. Study abroad aspirants often find it difficult to choose the right institution and to help them out, we have mentioned here some education providers that stand on the top of the ladder. For more information, you can contact West Highlander Consultancy. We offer transparent and unbiased guidance to students. Ms. Parwinder Kaur, a key person at West Highlander, is a licensed Immigration Adviser by IAA since 2010.