I have got refusal from Australia & Canada. Can I apply for New Zealand Study Visa?

It is a common misconception among students that a student visa refusal of Australia or Canada will lead to refusal of the study in New Zealand Visa application and therefore the students may tend to hide this in their student visa application to New Zealand which creates problems with their New Zealand study application also.
Every country has got its own student visa policy. If Australian Immigration finds that you do not complete the GTE entry requirement or if Canadian Embassy finds that you may not leave Canada at the end of your studies, it does not necessarily mean that Immigration New Zealand would also see the same problems with your study in New Zealand application. Immigration New Zealand has got a very clear and transparent student visa policy and your application is assessed taking into consideration all the aspects -academic, English language ability, relevance of your proposed course for study in New Zealand with your academic and work experience background, reasons for choosing New Zealand as you study abroad destination, availability of similar course in your home country, funds to support your education and cost of living in New Zealand. There are defined parameters against which your New Zealand Student Visa Application is assessed. If you have any gap in your education and have got plausible explanation for it along with acceptable supporting documentary evidence, then your gap may not be a problem of your New Zealand Student Visa Application.
Refusal of your student visa application for Australia or Canada on generic reason may not create problem for your study in New Zealand file.
One of the best possible ways to prove you being a genuine student to New Zealand is to be honest with the information you provide with your New Zealand Student Visa Application. If you have previous refusals, address them in your Statement of Purpose. The onus is on the applicant to provide as much information as possible which would assist the case officer in making a decision about your New Zealand Student Visa Application.
The students applying for their visa must provide true information with their applications. At West Highlander, we encourage the students to have in-depth discussion with us. If the study application has previously been refused, we minutely study the reasons of refusal and advice students the possible ways accordingly to their circumstances to address the refusal reasons. With our years of experience working on study in New Zealand applications, we have come across cases where the applicant has got reasons and evidence to explain the refusals and gaps but due to lack of information and guidance does not include that crucial information in the study visa application of New Zealand.
Ms. Parwinder Kaur, key personnel of West Highlander study abroad, is an Immigration Adviser licensed by Immigration Advisers Authority New Zealand holding full license. Since last many years has got experience and expertise in handling student visa application for New Zealand.