Tips from Licensed Adviser about statement of purpose for New Zealand Student visa.

Statement of purpose is a very important document supporting your Study in New Zealand visa application.
As the name suggests you need to state your purpose in this document.

Your purpose is to Study in New Zealand in a particular university/ college in a particular course you are eligible for with some career related outcomes.
So it’s crystal clear. You need to address all the points in above mentioned line in a logical way taking into consideration your individual circumstances. Statement of purpose is not a tough document to write as the general misconception maybe.
Through statement of purpose you get an excellent opportunity to explain the case officer about your intentions to study in New Zealand. Thus you need to prepare this very carefully.
The first point is your choice of New Zealand as a study abroad destination. There are reasons why you choose to study in New Zealand. Mentioning those reasons in definite and clear words supported by the research you have done could be one of the good options. You may have researched online or may have some friends or relatives in New Zealand and discussed about your plans with them and decided after considering their feedback. There are various reasons. You just need to ask yourself what was the reason that motivated you to study in New Zealand and mention that in your statement of purpose.
Secondly your choice of the course and the university you choose to do your proposed course. Again there are reasons why you chose to do that particular course. One of the best options may be to mention the relevancy of the proposed course with your previous academic background or any work experience you may have. You may mention about your study progression with this course. You may mention about the course contents which motivated you to go for the programme. You may mention about the basic understanding of the course contents you may have and how completing this course would benefit you. The same rule applies here- ask yourself the precise reasons for the choice of your proposed course and you have the answers ready with you. Mention these reasons in your statement of purpose.
Last but not the least what is your expected career outcome once you have done this course. You do a particular course because you have some outcome in terms of career or study progression in your mind. What are those outcomes? As an international student applying for study in New Zealand the case officer expects that you are very clear about what you intend to do after the completion of course and what would be the expected career rewards once you have successfully completed the course. This is particularly very important as you are intending to spend about NZD 30000 annually on your tuition fee and cost of living. Lack of clarity about your career intentions after completion of course would definitely raise questions about your genuine intent of study in New Zealand.
It is very important to keep in mind that your statement of purpose- SOP must be original and written by you based on your research. If it’s the other way then instead of being a facilitator it may raise doubts about your study in New Zealand application.
We at West Highlander Study Abroad have till date helped good number of students in fulfilling their dream of Study in New Zealand. Ms Parwinder Kaur one of the key members of the company is a licensed Immigration Adviser licensed by Immigration Adviser Authority New Zealand since last many years. She holds the full license and till date have served number of clients successfully.