UK study visa with spouse

UK is one of the study destinations where international students prefer to study. UK is home to some of the best and top universities in the world. Students can find a course in almost every field -whether you wish to do a course in Science, accounts, finance, engineering , environmental science, law, dental – name any of the course and you are almost sure to find the one that fits your choice

One of the main benefits of study in UK for Master students is that study Masters in UK applicants can apply for the UK dependent spouse visa. This is a very big attraction for international students as along with their study in UK they also get to be with their family- their spouse and any dependent children they may have. They may apply for the UK dependent visa along with the main applicant that is UK student visa applicant or at a later stage.

Main Condition to qualify for UK student spouse 2022

In order to apply for student spouse Visa there are certain conditions which must be met. A very important condition which must be fulfilled to be eligible to apply for UK student dependent visa is that that is the UK study visa applicant must be enrolled in a Masters course. As per the UK student visa policy applicants who wish to study Masters in UK can apply dependent visa of the spouses.

This means that if you are a student who has done his 12th and is now wishing to study a bachelor’s degree in UK then you will not be able to apply for UK dependent spouse Visa for your partner.

Visa with spouse is only possible for applicants who wish to study Masters in UK.

This is the eligibility criteria. There are other conditions which the students and the dependants must meet.

The first and foremost is that you must be

Legally married with your spouse

You must have a proof that you are married. You must have a marriage certificate. Only having a marriage certificate may not be enough .You need to prove that you are in a genuine relationship with the applicant who is the student visa applicant .Your circumstances must not give an indication that you have entered into this relationship only to get a dependent visa for UK. If this is the case you may not be able to properly answer the questions in a form which is very elaborative. Along with filling the elaborative form you also need to provide evidence of the relationship being genuine with your visa application.

So the first and foremost condition is that you must have enough proof of your relationship

Second requirement –

 Enough finances to support you while in UK

As per the UK student visa policy to apply UK study visa with spouse you must have enough funds to support yourself for your cost of living in UK.

The applicants can do by providing a bank statement. The bank statement can be held in the name of both the applicants that are the couple -the main applicant UK student visa and dependent of a UK student visa holder. If the funds are held in any other person’s name they may not be acceptable and this may result in the refusal of your application.

Students must have funds to support themselves for the first nine months of their stay in UK.  In case the course exceeds 9 months then the funds requirement is only for the first nine months of the program.  The masters courses in UK are of generally one year duration so the applicants need to show funds for the 9 months of stay.