VETASSESS Skills assessment Checklist, Fees and Validity

VETASSESS stands for vocational education and training assessing services.  For applicants planning to apply for Australia PR under subclass 189, 190 or 491 require the skill assessment of their education and work experience in order to claim points. Currently, an applicant applying for Australia PR requires 60 points. The first step towards VETASSESS skill assessment is to check your occupation in the consolidated skilled occupations list.  Once you have found out your occupation under the vocational education and training assessing service list it is important to know the various document checklist, fee structure and validity for your assessment. Going forward, we would be discussing the same in detail.

Checklist for VETASSESS Skills Assessment

Here is the entire checklist for VETASSESS Skills Assessment. Note that every document you submit must be of high quality and colored copy of original text is required. In case any of the documents is in a regional language then the same needs to be translated in English by an accredited translator. Consult your registered MARA agent in Chandigarh, West Highlander for complete information on skills assessment for Australia.


You would be required to provide passport size copies of color photographs. Make sure the photographs are not older than six months. Ensure the quality of photographs by arranging for original copy size and not using self taken pictures.

Identity proof

Second requirement for VETASSESS Skills assessment is to provide identity proof. Along with a valid passport you would be required to submit details of name, date of birth and photograph details. Contact your registered MARA agent in Chandigarh for any queries related to Australia PR. You can attest your birth certificate as part of records. However, in case of usage of regional language in the proof, a translation would be required as well.

Name change

In case there was any name change then it is important to provide specific evidence suggesting the same. Also name change is applicable in case there was any naming inconsistency. You would be required to submit relevant documents which support your name as identity.

Academic qualification

As you would be required to claim points towards your educational qualification from VETASSESS it is important to provide academic transcripts. You would be required to provide high quality scanned copies of your school, college and university transcripts. Along with this, mention the year of education, program and certificate details.

Employment document

Another major area for claiming points is the work experience. It is important you provide complete details in favor of the years of experience you have such as salary slips, offer letters, relieving letter, financial statement as proof of job. Additionally ensure you provide job details and your role in the occupation for VETASSES to assess you accordingly. In case of a prominent position the statement of service written statement is required and for priority processing VETASSES accepts employment claims as genuine with correct documentation. Ensure you provide firm/organization details, website, employer details, email and contact information.

Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae should cover your educational and work experience. As part of VETASSESS Skill assessment checklist ensures your resume has details for the study and work experience you wish to claim. Academic studies and timeline, work experience and timelines, projects undertaken with timeline and locations, employer details should be covered briefly without any loopholes.

What is the fee for VETASSESS Skills assessment?

  1. For Skills Assessment is $880 AUD
  2. For Outcome Review – Qualification is $272 AUD
  3. For Outcome Review – Employment is $489 AUD

What is the validity for VETASSESS Skills assessment?

VETASSESS Skills assessment results are currently valid for 3 years from the date of declaration.

What is the processing time for VETASSESS Skills assessment?

The processing time is 8-10 weeks once your entire documents are received. In case your application is under priority processing than 10 business days followed by assessment outcome letter which is available within 48 hours for download.

Do I need IELTS/PTE for VETASSESS Skills assessment?

No, there is no requirement of language proficiency test for VETASSESS Skills assessment however, one must undergo the test prior or after assessment to claim points for language proficiency for Australia PR.

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