What is Designated Learning Institute to study in Canada?

All the countries of the world follow certain guidelines and rules to regulate the institutions and international students. In Canada, territorial or provincial government authorizes institutions to be called DLI institutions. Designated Learning Institutions are the ones which have been authorized to host international students. A unique number called DLI number is issued to institutions. All the primary and secondary educational institutions are covered under the umbrella of DLI while this is not the case with tertiary level institutions like colleges or universities. IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada) provides a complete list of all the DLI institutions. To study in Canada, international students are required to obtain Letter of Acceptance from a DLI institution so as to earn a study permit to Canada as all other institutions are impermissible to entertain international students.
Talking about post study work permit; even in DLI institutions all the programs do not have a criteria for PSW permit, so you must check in your proposed program whether it allows you a PSW permit or not. Guidelines for post study work permit –

  • The program duration should be of 8 months or more.
  • The length of work permit is as per the duration of the study program.
  • You should apply for the work permit within 3 months of completion of your program requirements.
  • Mode of application for post study work permit can be online or through paper.
  • For the program with a time span of 2 years or more; work permit of 3 years is allowed.
  • In case you switch from one DLI institution to another DLI institution, the combined length of program must be at least 8 months.
  • If you complete your program of 8 months in only 6 months, then you are eligible to apply for work permit.
  • For a program of less than 8 months duration, if you complete it in a longer duration by taking breaks or through discontinuation; it will not be considered for post study work permit.

There are many colleges, universities and learning institutions in Canada which adore the DLI status and allow international students to avail post study work permit opportunity. For study abroad aspirants, it is a beneficial opportunity to study in Canada as Canada maintains highest standards of education in its peaceful and welcoming environment. If you require more information in this concern, consult experts at West Highlander.