Where you can study in Canada’s British Columbia Province?

I have chosen to study in Canada but I specifically want to study in Canada’s British Columbia.

International students in large number prefer to study in Canada. And among those large number of students, the maximum percentage of students want to locate themselves in British Columbia to study and work in Canada. This is because:

  • The Educational-Quality at British Columbia is better than other provinces as better teachers and comparatively better institutions are based in British Columbia. Because of their quality, they are among the best in the world. It is the only province in Canada with a provincial seal for post-secondary education (Education Quality Assurance).
  • It lets a student to experience a High Standard of Living. The United Nations Human Development Index consistently ranks Canada as one of the world’s best countries to live in credit id given to British Columbia which is globally renowned for maintaining high living standards.
  • It provides Safe Environment to the International Students landing to study in Canada. The city has low crime rates with effective regulation to make city comfortably liveable for the people who’re local as well are from outside Canada.
  • BC’s economy is diverse, with service-producing industries accounting for the largest portion of the province’s GDP. This means it actually offers great range of Working Opportunities in different sectors of diverse industries.
  • Though Canada is internationally renowned for its immigration friendliness and multicultural heritage but British Columbia is home to approximately 200,000 Indigenous people contributing to its Rich Heritage who have been living within the unique geography of the province for more than 10,000 years.
    Options for me in British Columbia which are available to study in Canada are:


    1. The University of British Columbia
    2. Royal Roads University
    3. Thompson Rivers University
    4. University Canada West
    5. Capilano University
    6. University of Fraser Valley


    1. Selkirk College
    2. College of the Rockies
    3. Northern Lights College
    4. Acsenda School of Management
    5. Sterling College
    6. Canadian Tourism College
    7. Okanagan College

    These are among the top options which can choose to study in Canada if you want to study and work in Canada’s British Columbia Province.

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