Your Complete Guide on How to apply for Quebec PR from India

Your Complete Guide on How to apply for Quebec PR from India

Quebec is of the leading choices after Ontario among Indian immigrants planning to apply for Canada PR. Being the second most populated province after Ontario, the capital city of Montreal is a hub to multicultural communities and a wide choice among Indians. One fifth of Canada’s GDP is contribution of Quebec which is predominately an economic industry supported by biotechnology, pharmaceutical, information and communication technology, aerospace and natural resources. The province is predominately French spoken yet has a welcoming immigration policy which has been welcoming immigrants for the last few years.


Question: How to apply for Canada PR or Quebec PR from India?

  1. For Indians planning to migrate to Quebec you can apply under Quebec Skilled Worker Program. The economic program is specially designed to cater to the needs of migrants planning to apply for Quebec PR from India and Quebec’s own labor market.
  2. Quebec has a unique immigration policy which is entirely different from other provinces and Canada.

Question: What are the eligibility criteria for Quebec Skilled Worker?

For Quebec Skilled Worker program you would have to fulfill the requirements laid by Quebec government. Following are the requirements:

  1. To immigrate to Canada and work in Quebec you would have to be nominated by Quebec government for which you need to apply for Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ).
  2. Once you receive CSQ certificate and are selected then you can apply for Canada PR.

Question: How do I get points for CSQ in Quebec Skilled Worker Program?

  • To get a CSQ you need to submit an expression of interest (EOI) stating your genuine intention to settle in Quebec. Quebec government would assess your application and award you points for Quebec Skilled Worker program.


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  • You would be awarded points for:


Area of Training which needs to be as per Quebec’s Area of Training list

Educational Qualification

Work experience

Language Test score (IELTS/CELPIP/CLB)

Adaptability factors (Spouse’s application, Relatives in Canada/Quebec, Funds)

  • You would be required to obtain a minimum of 50 points as an individual applicant. In case you apply along with your spouse then you need 59 points to apply for Quebec PR from India.


Question: What is the processing time for Quebec Skilled Worker Program?

A complete application received takes about 6 months for processing for Quebec Skilled Worker Program.

Question: What is the application fee for Quebec Skilled Worker Program?

  1. For a principal applicant the fee is $812
  2. For spouse is $ 174
  3. For dependent child is $174

Question: Is Quebec Skilled Worker Program part of express entry?

  1. No, Quebec Skilled Worker Program is not part of express entry.
  2. The province of Quebec has its own rules in place and selects candidates as per its own norms.

Question: Do I need to be proficient in French for Quebec Skilled Worker Program?

  1. No, you do not need to be proficient in French.
  2. However, you would be required to declare your English proficiency through IELTS test which would ensure your smooth transition into Quebec for Canada PR.
  3. In case you do possess the knowledge of French it can be beneficial for scoring points and also Quebec being a French speaking community can help you in your easy adaptation into the community.

Question: What is the IELTS requirement for Canada PR to Quebec?

  1. You need to have minimum IELTS band of Reading 4, Writing 5, Listening 5 and Speaking 5 to be eligible for Quebec Skilled Worker Program.


  1. This score is equivalent to CLB 5.


Question: Can my family come with me for Canada PR through Quebec Skilled Worker Program?

  1. Yes, your spouse and dependent children below the age of 22 can definitely tag along with you under Quebec Skilled Worker program.
  2. Further, you can claim points for them. This increases your chance of getting selected under QSWP.

Question: For Quebec PR is there a PNP program?

  1. No, Quebec PR program does not work under the PNP program.
  2. The province of Quebec has its own rules of selecting candidates under skilled worker program and other programs.

Hence, in a nutshell it cannot be denied that Quebec PR from India is a beneficial option for Indians who wish to immigrate for Canada PR and take the advantage of employment opportunities and prosperous and comfortable lifestyle of Canada. The province offers state of the art cultural festivals, nightlife, Medicare and brands to be associated with for employment.


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