A great requirement of Immigrant Caregivers in New Zealand opens the way to get PR

There is a huge demand for caregivers in New Zealand. Statistics reveal that around 1000 immigrant caregivers are required every year in the Kiwi land. CEO of New Zealand Aged Care Association Simon has also expressed the same feeling.  Wallace said government of New Zealand is transforming migration policy to take immigrant workers to deliver 10000 homes for the citizens. However, it is ignoring the job to offer caregivers to the older citizens, said Wallace.

He further added that it is renowned fact that 1000 immigrant caregivers are required every year. The old residential care is facing a huge challenge to hire right workers to provide to the demand. The sector has been dependent on a reliable and valuable immigrant workers pool to supply to the skill shortages added Wallace.

The required workforce for aged Kiwis is under trouble owing to the existing policies for their migration. It has already been predicted that there is going to be a rise in the older population of New Zealand, as quoted by the NZ Herald Co NZ.

Speaking on the same issue, Wallace said that New Zealand needs such policies that will assist residential care providers for the aged to maintain and hire the right immigrant workers. As per the current polices, overseas caregivers must returns to their home country within 3 years. Wallace termed the policy as ridiculous given the scarcity of caregivers.

The New Zealand Aged Care Association CEO said that the current immigration policy for overseas caregivers will result unwarranted stress for the old people.  Basically, they need security and stability of faithful relationships with the caregivers.

The caregivers can earn up to 50000$ on yearly basis in New Zealand. While, in other jobs that are described as level 3, they can earn as less as 41000$ and also can apply for New Zealand PR. This is unfair said, Wallace. The previous government last year valued the caregiver workforce at 2 billion $. It has provided well-deserved hike in pay with settlement pay equity.

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