Artificial Intelligence courses in Canada

Artificial Intelligence (AI) courses in Canada

Artificial Intelligence Course

Artificial Intelligence is a branch of Computer Science with subjects such as Mathematics, philosophy, psychology, social science and linguistics. With the constant boom of technology and high demand for domains such as machine learning, data science and robotics the need for artificial intelligence experts has increased. In the last few years demand and job positing for graduates and masters degree holder in AI or artificial intelligence is increasing. There are numerous programs to choose for internationals students for study in Canada.

Scope of Artificial Intelligence Course in Canada

If you have a graduate degree in AI you could work in research or IT development projects such as robotics, computer language processing, or knowledge technology. Many graduates work in software and robotics industry in Canada. The military industry also hires with background in AI along with robotics to design systems for devices for submarines, smart-bombs and war planes. One can also work in academics, teaching AI, electronics and robotics and computer science engineering domains.

Now if a student has a biology degree along with AI one can contribute towards the biomedical industry, prosthetics and neurobiology. One can combine AI courses and degree with engineering degrees and work in pure research and designing AI systems for automotive and aerospace industries.

Having a master in Artificial intelligence can fetch easily a salary of 80,000-90,000 CAD annually based on their competencies and experience.

Eligibility Requirements for Artificial Intelligence Course

Following are the eligibility requirements:

  1. Student should have secured a good score in 10 +2 for degree and diploma programs, for Master’s program student must have a great score at graduate level.
  2. Further, the student should have combination of these subjects- English, Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics for pursuing a Artificial Intelligence Course in Canada.
  3. Student needs to have a language proficiency test score with IELTS 6 overall and no less than 5.5 in one module is acceptable for diploma program. For degree programs 6.5 overall IELTS is appreciated. One can give alternative language tests- PTE or TOEFL.
  4. Funds to cover tuition cost along with documents to prove the same.
  5. Further, student must have GIC of 10,000 CAD for covering living cost in Canada.

Duration of Artificial Intelligence Course in CanadaA diploma course of duration- 2 Years (4 semesters) while a bachelor’s degree would be for 4 years. A master’s in artificial intelligence would be for 1 year.

Fees of Artificial Intelligence Course in CanadaDiploma/fast track program tuition fee is between 8,000-10,000 CAD approximately annually. Graduate program would cost around 20,000-25000 CAD and a Master’s program 20,000-30,000 CAD annually. Student must also keep in mind the cost of living in Canada.

Best Colleges for Artificial Intelligence Course in Canada

  1. University of Ottawa
  2. York University
  3. The University of Winnipeg
  4. Lambton College
  5. Saskatchewan Polytechnic
  6. Centennial College
  7. Lakehead University
  8. Ascent College
  9. University of Guelph
  10. Francis Xavier University
  11. Georgian College
  12. Durham College
  13. Loyalist College in Toronto (Toronto Business College)
  14. The University of British Columbia
  15. Carleton University


Post Study Work Options

With a 2 year diploma program in AI Course a student is allowed 3 years of Post Graduate Work Permit. Further a degree would get you equal number of PSWP rights. 

Part time Work Options

A student is allowed to work 20 hours part time as long as you are registered in a full time course. Further, during holidays and study breaks one can work full time.

Jobs and Salaries for Artificial Intelligence

Following are the jobs with expected salaries:

  1. Machine Learning Engineer- 86,000 CAD annually
  2. Data Scientist-83,000 CAD annually
  3. Software Developer-73,000 CAD annually
  4. Operations Analyst-55,000 CAD annually
  5. Senior Data Scientist-96,000 CAD annually
  6. Software Engineer-81,000 CAD annually
  7. Software Team Leader-84,000 CAD annually
  8. Principal Software Engineer-100,000 CAD annually

Some more professions for Artificial Intelligence graduates and degree holders:

  1. Artificial Intelligence Consultant & Analyst
  2. Artificial Intelligence Designer
  3. Artificial Intelligence Programmer
  4. Artificial Intelligence Officer
  5. Artificial Intelligence Analyst


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