Australia 572 Refusal cases

Vocational Education and Training sector visa (Subclass 572) Streamlines Visa Processing permit you to stay in Australia to study a full time vocational education and training course.  This visa is designed for those students who are willing to study in Australia. You are eligible for streamlined visa processing if your main course of study is an advanced diploma.

Vocational Education and Training sector visa (Subclass 572) permits you to:-

  • Study in Australia
  • Your dependent family members can also accompany you to Australia
  • You are eligible to work for upto 40 hours per fortnight while you are studying in Australia
  • Your family members can also work for upto 40 hours per fortnight provided that your course of study in Australia has commenced
  • There is a special provision, if you have been granted student visa before 26th April, 2008, you and your dependent family members may be required to apply separately for permission to work.
  • If your partner wants to study and the duration of the course is more than three months, then they would be required to apply separately for their student visa.

Visa Application Process 

Before you apply for the visa, you need to be accepted to study full time at an educational institution in Australia. You are also supposed to provide evidence of your confirmation of Enrolment when you lodge your application.  This visa will allow you to stay in Australia for the duration of the course you are applying for.  It also allows you multiple entries to Australia.  Family members who will come with you as dependent members are permitted to stay for the same time as you.  They cannot stay longer once you have left the country.

When you lodge your visa application, you must include all the required documents with your visa application.  If you submit a complete application, the chances of your success are higher.   If you do not provide all the supporting documents when you lodge for a visa application, then there are chances that your application may be delayed or in some cases refused.

You visa application can get rejected or refused if you do not follow the guidelines or apply through unlicensed consultant.  It is important for you to apply through a licensed consultant who can walk the entire phase of visa filling along with you.  If you apply through an unlicensed consultant, you may end up making mistakes, which can also result in visa refusal or rejection.

West Highlander is a team of highly skilled, knowledgeable and experienced professionals who years of experience in the field. We can assist you right from understanding your requirements to help you file a visa application so that chances of refusal or rejection can be decreased. The director of West Highlander- Mrs. Parwinder Kaur is licensed by Migration Agents Registration Authority-MARA (Australian Govt.) License no. 1280308. We go an extra mile to ensure our clients get a comfortable and hassle free experience with us.