Immigration Data

Australia Records Maximum Number of Immigrants from India and China

According to the data collected from the federal government, India and China has emerged as the primary source of immigrants coming to Australia. The Migration Law Expert Sharon Harris said, that there is an increasing trend of Chinese and Indian citizens seeking citizenship in Australia for greater exposure.   These two countries are the most prolific source of immigrants in Australia.

Australia is a cosmopolitan nation and truly the one in the world. But the immigration details have continued to increase over a decade.  There have been several changes in the Australia’s immigration program in the last few years, but despite those changes, United Kingdom tops the list of arrivals in the last 5 years.  The UK is closely followed by India (114,000) and china (111,000) and then Philippines (43,000) and South Africa (41,000).

India and china has the largest number of immigrants in the Australia.   Though students from all around the world come to Australia to pursue higher education in Australia, but India and Chinese has topped the list.  The high quality education system of Australia is the main reason behind attracting international students all over the world.

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