Australia will have population of 11.8 million by 2026– Infrastructure Australia

Australian government has been warned by Infrastructure Australia that it is neither feasible nor desirable for them to waste opportunities that population growth offers. It is an independent statutory body that offers advice to government bodies in Australia.

According to a report out on 23 February, Infrastructure Australia warned that authorities that not being prepared for growth in population will lead cities such as Sydney and Melbourne to suffer from a lack of access of jobs, hospitals, schools, and parks due to congestion.

This comes in the backdrop of the statement of Tony Abbott, former Australian Premier, in the immigration debate in the last week of February to lessen permanent migration intake of Australia by 80,000 per year to 110,000.  It is likely that the population of Australia will be raised up to 11.8 million by 2046 and 75 percent of this growth would be witnessed in its four top cities such as Melbourne, Sydney,  Perth, and Brisbane.

An increasing population provides Australia with an exciting opportunity to develop its economic opulence and habitability. There were extensive potential benefits, said Infrastructure Australia quoted by Australian Associated Press.

It also showed that in regard to the future of its cities, Australia would face a complicated range of options, each of which needs adjustment and compromise.

According to a report, if the nation is unable to predict effects and address growth, the economy would fall its economic efficiency, an obvious drop in each city’s quality of life and rising environmental pressures. It appealed to the government to focus on employment hubs in big cities served by public transport.  Moreover, Infrastructure Australia has also urged to the Australian government to develop access to health services, jobs, schools and green spaces in unimportant areas of the largest cities.

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