Australia tourism

Australia’s tourism continues to break records

The latest International Visitor Survey by Tourism Australia shows that the demand for Australia  in the global Tourism market is increasing. According to Senator Colbeck , during the year ending Sept 2015,  spending reached a new height of  A$ 34.8b whereas international visitor arrival increased to 6.7m. The China continues to lead this growth.
According to Media release there is growth in spending spread across the visitor categories being given as follows:

  • Education visitor spending :up  27 per cent to $8.2 billion
  • Employment visitor spending : up 26% to $2.8billion
  • Visiting friends and relative spending: up 14 % to $5.8 billion
  • Holiday visitor spending :up 7 per cent to 13.2billion

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Vol. 38 – 7th December, 2015