Best Canada Student visa Consultants in Chandigarh

Many Indian students choose to study in Canada these days. In the last few years lakhs of students from India have travelled to Canada to study. There are many benefits the students get which attract Canada as a study abroad destination to them.

Applicants wishing to apply for Canada study visa are highly recommended to take the services of the best study visa consultant so that they do not miss any important point or step in the process. West Highlander based in sector 34 A is one of the top visa consultants in Chandigarh.

Canada student visa process 2022

There are certain steps in the process of study in Canada applicants need to follow. Assuming that the applicant meets the academic and English language requirements following are the steps to start the process

Selection of a relevant course for study in Canada

The first one is to choose a course which is relevant to the applicant’s current academic profile and any work experience he or she may hold. If the course does not show a logical progression of your current profile then there are chances that the Canada study visa may be refused. So choosing a right course is one of the very important factors.

Selection of university or a college for study in Canada

After selecting a course the applicant’s need to decide a college or a university for their study in Canada. Here the applicants must keep in mind that they chose a college or university with DLI status. DLI stands for designated learning institute. In order to enrol international students the education providers must have a valid DLI number. The applicants must also check if the college and the course have post graduation work rights for international students after successful completion of the program while on Canada student visa. Not all DLI’s have PGWP after completion of the course. It becomes even more important if you are married applicant and would like to support the open work visa application of your spouse. As per the rules if the course the student visa applicant is doing is Canada does not have post graduation work permit the dependent spouse would not be able to apply for Canada open work permit. Students may choose to study in a public community college, university or a private college.

West Highlander is in the list of registered Immigration Consultants in Chandigarh and can guide study in Canada aspirants about the college and university where the course have PGWP rights after the course. If you are searching the best study visa consultant in Chandigarh you may contact West Highlander Immigration having years of experience in guiding students about Canada study visa. West Highlander is in the list of registered Immigration Consultants in Chandigarh.

Sending admission application

This is the third step in the process. Your Canada study visa consultant would send the admission application to the chosen university or college in Canada. Students may be required to send application fee at this step. The application fee may be as less as Canadian dollars 50 to CAD 150.

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  • Preparation of Canada study visa file
  • Submission of the visa application