The most populous Australian city and the capital of Queensland, Brisbane is best known for providing world class education in world. Anyone who is keen lover of world’s natural wonders and want to study in Australia should choose Brisbane city for studying. The city is also known as the New York of Australia. The city is centre of technology and research that helps students in enhancing their practical knowledge.  .

Along with quality education, the city also provides a high-quality and accessible lifestyle.  The tuition fee is quite affordable as compared to other institutions. The city tries its best to make global students feel comfortable with the environment. Some of the top universities that provide world class education in Brisbane are:

  1. Federation University: The University provides a high quality education. With Federation University one has ample ways to get enlist with local industry and the broader community. One can improve the communication skills and boost the job skills. They offer an approved placement to students that too in their chosen field. Those who want to study in Australia must choose Federation University as it is well known for success rate. Some of the programs offered by Federation University are: Accounting, Master of Business Administration (Health Services Management), Master of Technology (Enterprise Systems and Business Analytics), Master of Technology (Software Engineering) and lot more other.
  2. Victoria University: Ranked in the top 2% of universities in the world, Victoria is one of the most diverse study centres in Australia. The university offers higher and vocational education.  Presently, there are more than 40,000 students who are part of this university. This also includes 14,400 international students from 100 countries. Some of the courses offered are business and management, engineering and science, health and biomedicine, law and justice, and sports and exercise science. The courses offered to students while study in Australia makes sure a guaranteed job. Students are allowed to access various functions such as academic, finance and health-oriented.
  3. Central Queensland University: The University offers an extensive range of vocational and higher education courses. The faculty is best known for providing world class education. The key industries are: health equity; domestic and family violence; future farming systems; intelligent systems; railway engineering; regional advancement of learning; sleep and physical activity research; and tourism and regional opportunities. It is one of the best research universities. The other campuses to study in Australia are Adelaide, Bundaberg, Cairns, Emerald, Gladstone, Mackay, Melbourne, Noosa, Perth, Rockhampton, Sydney and Townsville.

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