Can I study in New Zealand with Gap because of refusal?

I applied for my student visa to Canada which got refused 3 times as the case officer felt that I may not come back  my country. I did not continue studies in India as I was waiting for result of my Canada student visa application. This has created gap of 3 years in study after 12th standard. Can I apply for New Zealand student visa?
Yes you may apply for your Study in New Zealand visa application. You do have a study gap of 3 years after your last qualification but along with that you also have reason supported by documentary evidence for this particular gap. If the case officer for your study in Canada application felt you may not come back after completion of studies this does not definitely mean that your Study in New Zealand application would also be refused because of this. New Zealand has got a very transparent student visa policy and if you are able to justify the refusal reasons then there are very good chances of your New Zealand student visa application being successful.
Take care of the following 5 points while applying for your New Zealand student visa
Choose a similar course
Take care that you choose a course similar to the one you chose for your Canada visa application. Changing the proposed course may raise doubts about you being a bona fide applicant. Changing course may indicate that you do not have a clear pathway for your study progression which may have a negative effect for your Study in New Zealand application.
Reason to choose that course
Equally important is to mention the reasons of choosing your proposed course. Your study in New Zealand decision would cost you and your family and the case officer expects that you have made a conscious decision which makes you a bona fide applicant for Study in New Zealand.  Mention about all the research you have done about Study Abroad and the course.
Explain Gap
A very important point to mention. As you have gap in your study because of multiple refusals it is mandatory that you explain this. Mention about the time you started the process and how that study abroad application process took time.
Explain refusal reasons
Justify the refusal reasons. Provide with documentary evidence that you full fill New Zealand student visa conditions and that your intent is to go to New Zealand solely for study purposes.
Provide your offer letter and refusal letter for Canada student visa
With your New Zealand student visa application provide offer letter and refusal letter as evidence of your selected course and refusal reason. The case officer may not have problems with your Canada rejection but if you skip to provide mandatory information it may cause problems with your New Zealand student visa application.
We at West Highlander based in Chandigarh have been dealing with New Zealand student visa for last many years and have got visas for students who have previously been refused for other countries. Ms Parwinder Kaur one of the key team members of West Highlander is a Licensed Immigration Adviser licensed by Immigration Adviser Authority New Zealand having full license.