Canada permanent Resident Visa 2021

Canada Permanent Resident Visa 2021


Canada is one of the popular choices and has witnessed thousands of migrants moving every year. The country offers numerous benefits to immigrants with Canada Permanent resident visa. Firstly, there are numerous job opportunities for hardworking and talented Indians. Secondly, your family can enjoy the rights and benefits of living in a secure and multicultural environment. Education facilities in Canada are excellent and your children can enjoy domestic tuition costs. Moreover, the health facilities available in Canada for Canada permanent resident visa holder can benefit you immensely.

There are several pathways for Canada Permanent Resident Visa 2021 and with the assistance of our expert Canada PR consultant in Chandigarh we would be discussing the variety of Canada Permanent Resident Visa 2021 programs for applicants.


Skilled Migration or economic migration is one of the most promising Canada PR visa 2021 opportunity for Indians looking to settle in Canada. Under this category if you have the desired job skills or work experience you can qualify for one of the program and settle in Canada with Canada Permanent Resident Visa.

Following are the skilled migration programs for 2021:


Express Entry for Canada PR visa


  1. One of the Canada PR visa program offering fastest processing time is Express Entry.
  2. Under this in case you are skilled workers with previous experience and job listed under NOC level O, A or B then you could apply for Federal Skilled Worker Program.
  3. The express entry is an economic point based program where you need to score 67 points out of 100 to be eligible for Federal Skilled Worker Program.
  4. These points are allotted to you on the basis of age, educational qualification, work experience, language test score, adaptability factors and bonus points for any link to Canada, additional language skills, job from Canadian employer, provincial nomination and others.
  5. Once you have sufficient points you can create an express entry profile for which there is no cost.
  6. Your profile would be ranked against other profiles in the system using CRS or Comprehensive ranking system where points are awarded on a scale of 1200.
  7. Once you have been selected from the express entry Canada pool you could apply to IRCC for Canada PR.
  8. Your express entry profile is valid for 12 months in the system. So in case you feel you have not scored enough points you can upgrade your skills and update the profile. You could increase your express entry CRS score by enhancing your skills.


Provincial Nominee Program for Canada PR visa


  1. There are several provinces in Canada in need of skilled workers who can meet the requirements of the job market and enhance the particular economy of the province.
  2. With the growing need of provinces Canadian immigration has launched several Canada PNP or Provincial Nominee Programs to meet the requirements of the province and provide immigrants with Canada permanent resident visa 2021 settlement options.
  3. In case your profile has been already submitted in the express entry system and you wish to settle in a particular province be it Manitoba, Ontario, Alberta, Saskatchewan, British Columbia or Newfoundland and Labrador there are PNP programs.
  4. Ensure your job is in demand in the province you are applying to and listed under NOC level O,A or B.
  5. For being nominated by a province you get bonus 600 CRS points for your express entry profile and can increase your chances of Canada PR.
  6. One needs to meet the requirement of the province one is planning to apply in.
  7. For meeting the requirements one needs to check with Canada PR consultant in Chandigarh for latest updates on the requirements and PNP programs.


Quebec Selected Worker Program



  1. Quebec is one of the French-dominated provinces in Canada with its own individual Canada Permanent Resident visa program.
  2. In case you have work experience and your job is in demand and listed in NOC code for Quebec level O, A or B you could apply through Quebec Selected Worker Program.
  3. The requirement of the program are similar to express entry requirements . However, one of the benefits is that along with faster processing time the point requirement is 50 individually and 59 with a partner.
  4. One would have to apply to the province of Quebec for Quebec Selection certification by submitting an EOI or expression of interest in staying in Quebec, Canada. There are no charges for submitting an EOI.
  5. On receiving an EOI you could apply to the IRCC for Canada PR with complete documents. Your Canada PR consultant in Chandigarh is your source for getting complete information on QSWP.


Business Investor Visa


With the growing economy of Canada there is opportunity for young and experienced entrepreneurs who wish to start their own business in Canada. By investing in your business in Canada you and your family including spouse and children can apply for Canada permanent resident visa. There are several provinces with Business migration programs such as Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Nova Scotia and Ontario. In case you have business experience of 2-3 years and have financial capacity to invest in your business in provinces of Canada you could apply for Canada Permanent resident visa 2021. Consult you Canada business investor visa consultant in Chandigarh, West Highlander who can guide you on completing the requirements of the visa program.


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