Canada study visa success with PTE

Canada is one of the favourite study abroad destinations among international students. Study in Canada has lots of benefits to offer for students who choose Canada for their further studies

To successfully get their Canada student visa international applicants need to meet certain requirements

These requirements are

  • Academic requirements
  • Language requirements
  • Financial requirements
  • Choosing a right course requirement

English language requirement can be met in the form of English language test like IELTS that is international English language testing system and PTE Pearson test of English

Chances of success of Canada student visa with PTE test

There is a common concern among international students about the success of their Canada study visa application if they apply for it with the PT test score.

In this article we would be clearing on the doubt of the students regarding the success of Canada study visa application with PTE test.

One of the requirements to apply for study in Canada is having English language ability which shows that you can successfully complete your further study in Canada. The students can show this and a form of IELTS or a PTE test. IELTS is a very popular test among international students .applicants may appear for IELTS test or for PTE test. If you apply for your Canada study visa with IELTS and have at least 6 in each of the four models of reading listening writing and speaking then your application is considered under SDS category.

If you do not have IELTS band score of 6 in each of the four modules then your application comes in non SDS category .If you apply with PTE score then also your application comes under non SDS or general category of student visa for Canada.

The students may apply for the student visa but the category would be different .Now mentioning about PTE test, students have doubt in their mind that if they apply for Canada study visa with the PTE then there are high chances that their application for Canada study visa may be refused. It is not the case. The success or refusal of your Canada student visa application depends on many factors .it does not only depend on English language factor. English language is one of the factors .the only difference PTE could make in your Canada study visa application is that your student visa application would be considered under general category .under general category there is a certain documentation requirement the students need to fulfil. Having good PTE score, having good academics, having good finances to support your study and cost of living in Canada makes your application comes into a positive profile. other than  fulfilling these three requirements the students also need to choose a relevant course .if you don’t use the relevant course that despite having good IELTS band score that is 6 in each of the four modules, having good  academics  ,good financial ability your  student visa application may still be refused .

So the success of  Canada study visa application depends on many factors .you have good IELTS score your case falls under SDS category .you fulfil SDS requirements  but don’t  choose relevant course as discussed above your application will still be refused .

But if you choose the relevant course have a good PTE score, explanation for any gaps in your academic or work history, good financial ability you may still get your Canada study visa