Canadian Language Benchmark: Convert IELTS score into CLB

What is CLB?

For applicants who are planning to immigrate to Canada or wish to apply for Canada PR or apply for citizenship they have to undergo IRCC program requirements. Majority of immigration programs in Canada have language requirement that needs to be fulfilled. English and French are the main languages spoken in the country and hence an applicant needs to be fluent in either of the language. As immigration systems are point based having knowledge of one or both languages can get you more points.

Canadian Language Benchmark or CLB is the standardized measuring tool for ensuring your English language proficiency as per Canadian standards is checked. Whether you wish to give CELPIP exam or IELTS exam for Canada PR programs, both can be evaluated to meet the CLB requirements. While CLB used a scale of 1 to 12 IELTS has 1 to 9 for each skill selection.

What IELTS scores do I need equal to CLB for Canada PR?

For applying for Express entry Federal Skilled Worker Program an applicant needs to have a CLB 7 which if converted is equal to IELTS score 6 in each reading, writing, listening and speaking. For Federal Skilled Trades worker category for Canada PR CLB 5 equal to IELTS 5 in listening, writing and speaking and 4 in reading are accepted. However, for applicants who wish to score more points for their express entry profiles then it is wise to aim for CLB 7 or higher to ensure maximum points for their profile. There are some Canadian professions such as healthcare professionals-doctors, nurses and various NOC level 0 jobs where applicants must have a higher CLB requirement.

What IELTS scores do I need equal to CLB for Canada PR PNP programs?

Each PNP program has different CLB requirement. An applicant must check with their Canada PR consultant in Chandigarh for best guidance on meeting language and other requirements. For Express entry linked PNP programs you must have CLB 7 equal to IELTS 6 in each module.

Canadian Language Benchmark- Convert IELTS score into CLB

To understand Canadian Language Benchmark system elaborately let us say you have score IELTS 5.5 in all the modules then you have scored CLB 6. So to understand IELTS scores are usually 1 or 2 points below CLB level.


FSW points
1st language
CRS points
No spouse
CRS points
With spouse
1 1 1 1 1 0 0 0
2 2 1.5 2 2 0 0 0
3 3.5 2.5 3 3 0 0 0
4 4.5 3.5 4 4 0 6 6
5 5 4 5 5 0 6 6
6 5.5 5 5.5 5.5 0 9 8
7 6 6 6 6 4 17 16
8 7.5 6.5 6.5 6.5 5 23 22
9 8 7 7 7 6 31 29
10 8.5 8 7.5 7.5 6 34 32
11 9 8.5 8 8 6 34 32
12 9 9 9 9 6 34 32


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