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Changes Reported in Immigration New Zealand Business

The immigration industry of New Zealand is going to change its working to provide customers better service and immigration outcomes.  The current changes will bring out several changes in the immigration processing and the way visas are held.  This will provide better customer service and make the process of getting a visa easier and quicker.

The Immigration industry of New Zealand has taken over the visa function in places previously. This has involved making use of VAC’s (Visa Application Centres) to handle offshore visa applications.  Visa Application centres are private businesses that handle administrative and tasks, which do not require decision making on the behalf of Immigration New Zealand.  VAC’s are not responsible for providing any immigration advice or making decisions on visas.

Visa Application Centres operate in Japan, Russia, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Indonesia, Taiwan, United States, South Korea, Vietnam, Singapore, Germany, South Africa, Australia, Pacific region, Thailand, etc. Currently, 41 VAC’s operate in 24 countries.

The changes in New Zealand Immigration will bring about changes in:-

  • Improved focus on attracting skills, talent and capital to New Zealand
  • Improved border security
  • Better services
  • Less Cost
  • Great responsiveness
  • Changing market conditions worldwide
  • Improved customer experience
  • Visas made available online
  • Getting visa became easier, simpler and quicker

Immigration advisers can apply on the behalf of the clients. Third parties can get their own immigration accounts online, where they can manage their account and see summary details of their client applications as well as PDF versions of the application forms. Passport free applications and label-less visas are available for students, visitor and work applicants who apply for their visa online while in New Zealand.  Work visa applicants, visitor and students of China and visa-waiver countries can also apply online from outside New Zealand.

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